Attack on the Fortress of Solitude

Jackie’s giving away two Ravelry invites – check out the details on her blog. She’ll select two lucky participants at noon EDT, July 27.

Speaking of which, the Knitty Professor needs help naming her new Delft “puking cow” creamer. Submit your name ideas by the end of the Tour (July 29) and you could win some yarn and your very own “puking animal” creamer!

Well, I was going to have pictures of the yarn I dyed with Deb and Jeanne on Saturday. However, now that the yarn is finally dry, it’s been very cloudy and too dark to photograph well. Maybe tomorrow! For knitting, I continue to plod away on my Sockamania Serpentine Socks (1.2 completed), which are also my TDF KAL project. Likelihood of completing my Tour is very low, especially since I’m heading “up nord to da cabin” on Friday for the weekend. But hey, at least I haven’t resorted to doping, right?!

Chaos has long considered the top of the refrigerator and adjoining cabinet as his Fortress of Solitude, because Mayhem wasn’t able to get up there. All of that changed recently…

“La la la la la la, I can’t see her!” -Chaos

“Hey, this is my Fortress of Solitude, Mayhem! Mine!” -Chaos

*whistling innocently* -Mayhem

“Go away! My Fortress! Mine!” -Chaos

“Hey!” -Mayhem

“Take that, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“Eeeeek! Run away!” -Chaos

“I rock.” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos

“I didn’t want to sit on that stinky old refrigerator anyway, so there!” -Chaos

41 thoughts on “Attack on the Fortress of Solitude”

  1. Too funny! War of Whacks!
    I’m not sure, but I think seniority rules. I always have…Mistress Mayhem you need to find your own fortress…Chaos was there first!

  2. Well – you picked a good weekend to go “up Nort” (grandpa was a canuck), and you will surely finishe your Serpentine’s before I do (as I haven’t started mine yet). I may have to break out my Rasta yarn for them…

  3. Poor Chaos, your sanctuary has been encroached upon. But, we humans know that feeling quite well.

    Chris, we’re roasting, or maybe steaming here up nord, even by the lake, hope it cools down for your weekend.

  4. Poor Chaos. It’s just been downhill since the little fuzzball showed up, hasn’t it?

    But at least the hair on your backside grew back after getting shaved off. 🙂

  5. The refrigerator is Ruby’s fortress in our house. There’s other stuff up there so she has to lay close to the edge. Every now and then we forget to look up and open the freezer and she is rudely awakened and nearly falls! Sometimes I do it just for fun 🙂

  6. Poor Chaos! It’s not easy being the big brother. I’m surprised with his large size that he isn’t more domineering. Mayhem has a lot of spunk!

  7. So it’s Mayhem Theory instead of CCHaos Theory…. No issue with them pushing your things off the shelf? And the oil lamp? Not singed tails or formerly shaved parts?

    Happy ‘bake and lake’!

  8. Several wonderful documentary shots of the kitty fortress fight 😉 I love the one that says ‘Not Yours!’ Poor Chaos losing though 🙁

  9. Oh, poor Chaos! It’s hard when your Fortress of Solitude is breached by your little sister.

    That look he’s got on his face when he decamped! Hilarious. Poor kitty. Come to my house. We have tuna. And a scorned cat tree.

  10. Poor Chaos! His beauty and brawn may be no match for that fast livin Mayhem! I was initially stunned at how clean the top of your fridge is. Ours was the only place in the house for some time that the kiddo couldn’t get to (not anymore, he climbs on the counter), so it houses a plastic shoe box that is basically a junk drawer, or two, dog biscuits, container of pens, milk jar of coins, empty egg cartons, who could say what is really up there??? Then I saw that you have a cabinet up there….is all your clutter hidden there?

  11. Have fun at the cabin! I grew up on Da Range and still have family up there. I was up at our family cabin in Ely at the beginning of June and miss it terribly especially now with the blueberries in season!

  12. Love the cat photos! My current cats aren’t nimble (or bright) enough to get up on top of the cabinets or fridge, but my old ones loved to hang out up there in the winter b/c the heat registers were up there.

    Enjoy blueberry season up north! I love making blueberry “pies” using Tonka makers over the campfire.

  13. Uh oh, Mayhem is no longer that small kitten that can be run by Chaos!! Is the feline power taking a turn to the younger and more powerful????

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