Wandering through Wednesday

Thanks for all the kind words about the new look! Things are mostly as they will be, although the banner isn’t displaying correctly in Firefox yet. Soon.

EDIT: I think it’s all set. If things look odd, please try hitting your reload button. If they still look odd, please drop me an email and let me know the details. Thanks!

The heat finally broke yesterday! It’s been raining off and on ever since. Hopefully the humidity breaks soon…

Scout’s challenged us to out our UFOs. *gulp* I posted about UFOs/WIPs back in December. Scarily, everything I mentioned in that post remains a UFO! Whoops… Sounds like I need to rip a few things out, doesn’t it?! And of course, I have new UFOs/WIPs, too. I’ll look around today and take some pictures.

SRP update: I made my fiction goal of 30 books! However, I still need to read two non-fiction books this month to meet my bonus goal.
Unhinged by Sarah Graves, 332 pages. Yet another Home Repair Is Homicide mystery! I’m not reading these cozies in order, but I’m enjoying them anyway.
Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaze Clement, 261 pages. This is the first (and only, so far) book about former sheriff’s deputy, now petsitter, Dixie Hemingway of Sarasota, FL. I’ll definitely be on the look out for additions to this series – it was more compelling than many such mysteries and kept me guessing up to the end.

I finally got a picture of the “Gateway to the North of Nashwauk” sign last weekend! What I find very interesting about this sign is that you see it when you are driving south, not north. Hmm.

I’m a sucker for amusing wine labels, so how could I resist this one?

Chaos apparently wonders why “smell no evil” wasn’t addressed in the pictorial proverb.

*sniff sniff* “I sure hope you weren’t hoping for great taste from this wine, Mom…”

35 thoughts on “Wandering through Wednesday”

  1. You know I pulled out my UFOs a while back and they are still UFOs. Then there’s all the projects I keep meaning to start.

    LOL at the wine label!

  2. I have alot of UFO’s around, I think the only way they’ll get done is if I rip them out and find something different to do with the wool. Love the wine label. We’ve had rain here too for the last few days.

  3. OH, I really love the new look. I don’t read your blog for a day and look what happens. Great wine bottle, I hope it tasted as good as it looked.

  4. It looks OK to me, although it is more on one side and I use Firefox.

    Yay, yay, whatever! The rain came, the heat broke but now it’s back with a vengeance over here.

  5. that wine label is divine; informative, because it tells you what’s inside the bottle, and hilarity-providing, for after you’ve had a glass or two of the contents.

    good stuff.

    and thanks for stopping over at my place!

  6. When I opened this page, my browers was opening things in a little window and all I saw was Chao’s eye. Whoa.

    PS – I’ve had that wine. It’s not bad!

  7. I love your banner, it came out beautifully. Missa is designing one for me as we speak, she’s terrific.

    I’m going to have to find that wine somewhere–my husband collects wine labels that are allegedly going to cover an old table he has lying around. Plus he loves monkeys. Great find!

  8. Chris- the new look is fab.
    Have you ever tried Fat Bastard? I’m told it’s a great wine- but I don’t know firsthand.
    Chaos, you’re such a cheap date!

  9. Ooh, looks like that cat will have some confessing to do when he’s done with the wine! 😉

    Thanks for visiting my site! Nice to meet you.

  10. WOW, I love the new banner!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, you got prior approval from chaos? (LOL). One question. Are you the new millenium bionic woman? 30 books and working on bonuses!!!

  11. Your site looks GREAT! The link colour is a great draw-out from the eye graphic :o))))

    Great wine label drawing! I’ll have to look for that sign when we are up there again — I actually don’t remember it. Bigfork, MN has a pretty little roadside park too, with a bridge, if you ever get up there!

  12. The site looks amazing! I love the eye of Chaos for the header.
    Good luck with the last two books.
    The wine label is fantastic. Now, the real question, was it tasty?

  13. Love the new look the banner is particularly striking. What is it with wine labels at the moment? Pop over a see the Keyboard biologist for some more strange ones 🙂

  14. I love the banner! I think I saw the Pinot Evil at World Market and almost bought it just for the label. I just sorted my UFO’s so I should haul them out and take pictures. It’s a little embarrassing though.

  15. Our heat broke last week, but doesn’t it feel heavenly? Tell Chaos at leaset it’s not Merlot (which I love but Sideways mocked).

    Congrats on your Summer Reading Challenge! My non fiction really slowed me down. (That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.) What non fiction books were you thinking of reading?

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