Readers, readers on the internetz, who’s the softest kitteh of them all? (or at least on our street) [CONTEST CLOSED]

So a couple of weeks ago, Carolyn and I were sitting and talking at Chiang Mai Thai over drinks. One of us claimed to have the softest kitteh evah and the other immediately said, “No! Not possible, because I have the softest kitteh evah!” (Strangely, neither of us can remember which of us made that first provocative statement. Apparently we both make that claim on a regular basis, even without the influence of alcohol.)

Anyway, we’ve decided that the only reasonable way to settle this is to have a contest. (Don’t think about the flogic there too much…) On Sunday, December 6, the arguing judging will commence and Carolyn and I will be walking back and forth between our homes to assess the comparative softness of Mayhem and Oblio.

What’s your part in all of this? Leave a comment on this post or at The Thrillionth Page by 10 am CST, December 6, stating which kitteh you believe will be judged softest. (You could also vote for a draw, in case things get ugly. Carolyn thinks there’s going to be a clear winner. I, however, am not so sure.) When we’ve come to a decision or a draw, we’ll take all the comments with that answer and select a lucky winner, who will receive a mass market paperback.

So please make sure that your comment also includes the title of a mass market paperback (mystery, scifi, fantasy, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance) that’s available at Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore or Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstore. (You can poke around their site to see what they have. If there’s a title you’ve been desperately seeking but don’t see on their site, list it first and then list a second title, just in case. Maybe the teetering stacks of used paperbacks will yield a surprise.)

And of course, make sure you leave a valid email address in the comment form and can receive email from (check those spam filters, kids!). I reply to 99.9% of the comments you leave (0.01% margin of error just in case), so if you’ve never received an email back from me after leaving a comment… *insert music o’ doom*

Um, I’m pretty sure this isn’t some sort of “Highlander: There can be only one” to the death thing. *makes note to clarify that with Carolyn toot sweet*

“Oblio claims what?! That he’s the softest kitteh of all?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s not true! I am a panther princess! I am the softest!” -Mayhem

56 thoughts on “Readers, readers on the internetz, who’s the softest kitteh of them all? (or at least on our street) [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Vote for May as the softest kitten evah, girl kitties are the softest!
    book= The Second Perimeter by Mike Lawson – mystery

  2. Now I realize it’s not really a fair vote without having had the pleasure of petting either kitteh, but I mus go with Miss May. She *is* the Panther Princess, after all.

    And she has a big brother who will beat me up if I vote otherwise. 😉

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