May catches a pigeon!

It’s all the Knitty Professor’s fault. Have you seen the cute pictures (and videos) of her kitties watching tv? Michaele bought Chaos and Mayhem their very own copy of the same kitty dvd so beloved by Perry and Emily. (Many thanks to Michaele – it simply never would’ve occured to me to pick up a dvd for my kitties – d’oh! Also, many thanks to Deb for allowing me to use her pictures today. I might’ve been laughing too hard to go get my camera…)

“Can’t… quite… reach…” -Mayhem

Problem solved.

“Ok, May, you take the one on the right and I’ll take the one on the left.” -Chaos

“Got it, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“Strangely, catching a bird isn’t quite as satisfying as I thought it would be…” -Mayhem