May catches a pigeon!

It’s all the Knitty Professor’s fault. Have you seen the cute pictures (and videos) of her kitties watching tv? Michaele bought Chaos and Mayhem their very own copy of the same kitty dvd so beloved by Perry and Emily. (Many thanks to Michaele – it simply never would’ve occured to me to pick up a dvd for my kitties – d’oh! Also, many thanks to Deb for allowing me to use her pictures today. I might’ve been laughing too hard to go get my camera…)

“Can’t… quite… reach…” -Mayhem

Problem solved.

“Ok, May, you take the one on the right and I’ll take the one on the left.” -Chaos

“Got it, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“Strangely, catching a bird isn’t quite as satisfying as I thought it would be…” -Mayhem

48 thoughts on “May catches a pigeon!”

  1. You clearly have not had the pleasure of clearing up the broken bodies and masses of feathers spread around the lounge.

    Mrspao is highly delighted when that happens I can assure you.

    Though a few years back Merlin was watching a bird on TV and launched himself at the telly – how the TV or Merlin survived I have no idea.

  2. You really shouldn’t let the kids sit so close to the TV, it’s bad for their eyes….hahahahahaha, funny picture.

    Sometimes Boo Kitty watches TV with us, he prefers lots of exploding things.

  3. at least i’m not the only one who sacrifices furniture for their cat’s comfort/amusement! I’d get the DVD too, but the thought of both cats pushing on my flat screen… scares me.

  4. We had a cat once who liked to chase the mouse pointer around the computer screen. Obviously this was back in the day before plasma computer screens…

  5. Yay! So happy the kitties are enjoying their new entertainment. And it is a lot better than having to pick up carcasses from the doorstep – I’ve done that, too. I’ll sacrifice my tv anyday to avoid mouse sacrifices….

  6. That’s a riot! DH was practicing a powerpoint at home, and he’s in one of the slides, and one of the dogs took a good long look at it on the wall, then at him, then back at the wall, like ‘dad, what’s goin’ on here?’

  7. That’s so cute – the two of them sitting on the kitchen chair like that! Every kitten I’ve had enjoyed watching auto racing on TV — all that round and round — but they all outgrew it. And that’s a good thing, because I don’t really like auto racing myself!

  8. Chaos & Mayhem – didn’t your mother(s) teach you that you’re eyes will go bad if you sit too close to the television? hmmm. maybe their humans didn’t give them DVDs to watch and they didn’t know to teach you that.

    I love the pic of them on the chair together! luckily I hadn’t started drinking the Pepsi yet.

  9. Ha!

    Like Janna, we’ve had cats watching car racing before.

    Watching cats watching tv is more amusing that watching tv myself sometimes!

  10. Aw, cute, if just a little cruel . . . It reminds me of the time baby-puppy Katy saw a monkey on the television and walked back behind the set to try to find it . . . similar to when baby-puppy Chappy saw his own reflexion in a floor-length mirror and went looking for the other puppy. Cute, for sure….

  11. *snork* Too funny! The only time I’ve seen my kitties do something like that was when it was thunderstorming and lighting could be seen along the horizon. Pagan-kitty liked to sit on the window ledges and try to catch the lightning….

  12. The Cat TV at my place is the full length glass window and door in the kitchen. Two strategically placed bird feeders and the fact that I live in the bush means an endless supply of pigeons, choughs, finches, wrens, and rosellas all doing the birdy equivalent of ” neener neener neener”

  13. I had a cat that loved to chase ice skaters on TV. Hockey games, the Olympics, it didn’t matter. He always chased the skaters and never bothered with the TV unless they were on.

  14. I have had cats over the years who liked racing but most liked the football games best. Everytime Roger Stuabach threw a pass one of the boys went out to catch it. And it was always the boys. Once papa cat Friskey was asleep (watching the game) on the hearth in front of the fire and several of his little ones started to climb over him and try to play with him. He endured for awhile then finally rounsed, growled, shoved kitts away, and seemed to say, “Can’t you see I’m watching the game?” It was a hoot.
    Ann and the furries in Dallas

  15. LOL! Katie used to bat at things on the TV. Now she just watches from the couch or the bed. We always leave Animal Planet on for her when we’re out of town.

  16. Oh my that is just too funny!!! For a minute I thought you might mean a live pigeon…..

    So when they’re misbehaving and you need to cook and stuff, do you put them in front of the DVD now???

  17. How cute, you are giving my ideas! I may have to see how crafty Scab and Bacon are. BTW… just catching up on my bloglines, sorry for the delay!

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