Mimsical: An Estes tangent

Ok, because I threatened to do it and because I got such fun pictures and quotes – allow me to present the unfettered Mim! (She requested in advance that no one tell her mom.)

“I bought a whole fucking fleece!”

“I love gin.”

Can you identify the other bloggers in the pictures below? (Edit: Curious what Mim’s doing? She’s spinning! And you can even see me in that video…)

“My ass wears pretty well, thank you very much!”

“My goodness. I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t for the pictorial proof!” -Chaos

35 thoughts on “Mimsical: An Estes tangent”

  1. Oh man — remind me to be careful the next time we meet Chris. I do NOT want my butt all over the web. It’s all over enough as it is….

  2. LOL when I saw the fleece and then you go straight into “She’s spinning!” I thought she had invented some strange way of using a drop spindle or something along those lines. The video is cute though. Knitbloggers have taken over the blogs, next up is Youtube!

  3. I was thinking I saw Margene! You gals had so much fun…I’m just green.
    Gotta save for a trip west…that’s all there is too it.
    What a GREAT time.
    (You did shock your staid and respectable Chaos, tho’)

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