8 things about Mayhem

Brenda tagged Mayhem for the seven (or eight) things meme. I know, I know – lots of people have tagged me. I’m sort of meme-adverse and I’ll just apologize in advance to anyone who tags me. But Brenda made a very good point that I have 100 Things about me, 25 Things about Chaos, and even 5 weird things about Chaos… and nothing for May! Oh dear. Bad kitty mom.

1. Mayhem is a chewer. Chew chew chew. Fortunately, she doesn’t chew on power cords (much) and has only chewed on books that I own. I’m pretty sure that the library frowns on fang holes in paperback covers…

2. Mayhem believes herself to be the dominant kitty around here. Chaos does not agree. There are some rather spectacular disagreements about this. None of these disagreements has changed her mind.

3. Mayhem likes to sprawl froglike underneath the kitchen chairs. I think it looks like she’s been squashed.

4. Mayhem has the softest fur I’ve ever petted. Her tummy is particularly soft. This results in me snatching her up to rub her tummy more often than Mayhem feels is appropriate.

5. Mayhem doesn’t purr very often. She purred a lot when she was a wee kitten, but at some point she started to only purr when “nursing” from Chaos. Since Chaos has her mostly “weaned,” she rarely purrs anymore. This makes me sad.

6. Mayhem likes to be near me and almost always follows me around to see what I’m doing.

7. Mayhem is fascinated by water. She likes to lounge about in the bathroom sink. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a white bathroom sink free of black fur when you have a sink kitty?!) Sometimes she falls into the shower with me. She doesn’t stay long!

8. Mayhem is indefatigable when playing fetch and her favorite fetch toys are little furry mice that rattle. None of her mice have tails – she either eats the tails off (see #1) or I cut the tails off so as not to add to tail collection in her stomach!

“This is an exceptionally nice nip toy! Mmmm…. nip.” -Mayhem