Mayhem has eaten my brain

Heather’s giving away a Project Spectrum pink/green/yellow themed cd – leave a comment about what you like about spring before midnight MDT, April 6, and you could win a copy.

You could also win a Dyson vacuum cleaner from Five Minutes for Mom, but you have act quickly – the contest closes at 1 pm EDT today, April 4!

It snowed last night. It’s snowing right now. Waaaaah!

The pet food recall has expanded a bit. However, neither of the Science Diet dry foods that Chaos eats (w/d and c/d) contain wheat gluten (it’s the m/d that’s being recalled by Hills), and May eats a grain-free food called Innova EVO. For treats, they get Feline Greenies (fortunately, they chew their Greenies and don’t bolt them, so no choking/breathing problems), which don’t contain wheat gluten, either. Thanks to everyone who has inquired! We all appreciate your concern – especially since I don’t watch TV and missed the initial furor. Jeanne’s looking out for me now and making sure I’m up to date. 🙂

Work is still crazy. But I’m done early today for the Yarn Harlot festivities and I’m taking tomorrow off. Woo-hoo!

“Mom’s brain was pretty tasty! But there sure wasn’t much left after work ate most of it Monday and Tuesday.” -M

27 thoughts on “Mayhem has eaten my brain”

  1. Oh, good for you for taking a day off! Is Friday a holiday for you too? Ugh, we’re getting snow tomorrow…

    May, don’t be eating any more of Mom’s brain or else you’ll be feeding and cleaning up after her!!

  2. The countdown to knitting fun has begun….there is no way I’m going to be a productive employee today my boss should just declare it a holiday and send me home.

  3. Enjoy your time with the Harlot! It’s too bad you can’t take May with you. I am certain she would like the Harlot’s traveling sock!

  4. I’m glad it’s cold – gives me extra time to wear woolies – but puh-lease, don’t send the snow this way!

    Have fun tonight & bring back lots of pics!

  5. I am so so sorry to hear you are getting snow. That is just insulting. It’s not warm here, but at least it’s only raining.

    Enjoy the Harlot and I hope you get some rest this weekend.

  6. The pet food thing is scary. I personally believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of what these companies will admit to – so we just need to keep an eye on our pets!!

  7. Thanks for the heads-up on the addition to the petfood recall. Thank DOG (and cat) that none of the foods and treats we buy are on it.

    I was too late to enter for the vacuum, which sucks (hehe) because I really REALLY need one.


  8. Whoohoo! Yarn Harlot Festivities!

    This pet food recall is pissing me off, though in a way it’s good, I think. Maybe there will be more regulations and quality control with pet food, now.

  9. Enjoy The Harlot! I got to see her this past Sunday in Ann Arbor and had a wonderful time. 😀 Steph’s attempts to get to Ann Arbor, however, were not so pleasant, and she was over two hours late. It will be quite a story when she posts it.

  10. Yeah, the pet food thing, scary! And a bit of insane furor. Do you mean that dry kibble is on the lists too? We were watching tv last night (I was knitting) and there was a vac commercial, with cheap uprights making squidgy noises (these are the hard rubber dog toys with noisy squeakers). You should have seen the two dogs BOLT upright, ears at the most attention their floppy selves can be, looking all around. Gracie figured out the noise was on the tv. Have a harlotty good time! Oh, and C’s pic, just tell him he is showing off his extreme flexibility and everybody is actually quite jealous of his hips.

  11. Can’t wait to read all about the Harlot event. Sorry I missed it but 88 degrees and fabulously sunny – I’m thinking Mr. won’t understand leaving vacation for a book signing of any kind. Can’t wait to catch up. Is they dyeing season soon?

  12. Oh my, having DSL makes it so much easier to post! You’ve collected some lovely yarn lately (and your RPMs are awesome… makes me want to knit a pair).

    have fun with the harlot!

  13. How do you feed them differently? I haven’t figured out how to do anything but free-feed them both the bladder health diet that W gets…

  14. Bad girl Mayhem! Send that brain back to its owner right now! 😉 I do hope you feel better soon – and really glad that neither of your kitties were affected by the recall food.

  15. We do W/D, too, but I buy a 20 lb. bag (ehm, now 17 lbs) and dumpt it into a bin, so I couldn’t look at the bag. So, I’m glad you checked. Whew. No wheat gluten.

    Actually, we’ve tried taking our cats off of W/D several times and each time two get sick and two break out in rashes. So, W/D it is.

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