Linkity’s got the derpy bleps

Mayhem making sure we remember she’s still very cute. And that her superpower is looking tragic.

Harry and Polly about to have an epic play fight in the kitty hammock.

Harry’s blep completely ruins an otherwise majestic pose.

Polly sitting up on my lap like a people.

2 thoughts on “Linkity’s got the derpy bleps”

  1. I need to remember to pace myself with any and all kinds of activism. The causes that I started focusing on last year were often of the “emergency help to get someone elected” kind of thing, but most causes are marathons and I need to remember that they take time. But man. Climate despair is really a thing right now (I write, as the sunshine coming through my window is significantly more orange (from wildfire smoke) than it should be).

    LOL. I mean, that’s a good headline, though it’s not likely to convince any unvaxxed folks. Then again, the no-vax and yes-gun people seem to be largely the same crowd, so maybe it would convince them?

    I love those vaccine ads. Though I also love ginger ale.
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  2. Oh yes good old doggerland, you are missed.

    And the Pratchett thing is confusing, I mean if you want to you can read whatever you want into a book, but that sure doesn’t mean the author meant it that way.

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