All linked up and nowhere to go

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Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne?! Um… Why would you want to smell like a doomed crew member?! I love the last line of Gizmodo’s review: “And we’re guessing it could be somewhat effective in your dating life should you wear it in substitute of your typical Star Trek uniform.”

Thanks to Mel for linking to Nietsche Family Circus, which is hysterical.

Wait, why is Mayhem moonlighting over at Knit Princess?! Or is she masquerading as a white kitty over at lolcats? (Nah, that’s not her – those mice all still have tails.) This is probably what she and Chaos do to entertain themselves while I’m at work.

If you’ve ever loaded software or copied files in an MS Windows environment, this cartoon will explain one of the major Windows mysteries for you.

Beware following this link at work. Although the picture’s just of a vegetable, it’s easily the most, erm, graphic vegetable I’ve ever seen.

Is cursive handwriting dead? Hmm. Lifehacker suggests that people born after 1980 have a distinctive non-cursive style of handwriting, which sounds an awful lot like my handwriting even though I was born before 1980 (heck, before 1970, too).

Turns out texting while driving is 23 times more dangerous than talking on the phone while driving. Eep. This cartoon sums things up, doesn’t it?

If the Altoids catapault wasn’t enough for you, how about the Altoids trebuchet?

Lifehacker reveals how to get rid of earworms.

Burn more calories by fidgeting and pacing and drive everyone nearby crazy!

Staple City is very cool. I’d probably only manage to complete Staple Trailer Park before my boss had a talk with me…

Still worried about the big scary noisy kitty-eating trucks!” -Mayhem