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Tune in tomorrow for a book giveaway!

Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne?! Um… Why would you want to smell like a doomed crew member?! I love the last line of Gizmodo’s review: “And we’re guessing it could be somewhat effective in your dating life should you wear it in substitute of your typical Star Trek uniform.”

Thanks to Mel for linking to Nietsche Family Circus, which is hysterical.

Wait, why is Mayhem moonlighting over at Knit Princess?! Or is she masquerading as a white kitty over at lolcats? (Nah, that’s not her – those mice all still have tails.) This is probably what she and Chaos do to entertain themselves while I’m at work.

If you’ve ever loaded software or copied files in an MS Windows environment, this cartoon will explain one of the major Windows mysteries for you.

Beware following this link at work. Although the picture’s just of a vegetable, it’s easily the most, erm, graphic vegetable I’ve ever seen.

Is cursive handwriting dead? Hmm. Lifehacker suggests that people born after 1980 have a distinctive non-cursive style of handwriting, which sounds an awful lot like my handwriting even though I was born before 1980 (heck, before 1970, too).

Turns out texting while driving is 23 times more dangerous than talking on the phone while driving. Eep. This cartoon sums things up, doesn’t it?

If the Altoids catapault wasn’t enough for you, how about the Altoids trebuchet?

Lifehacker reveals how to get rid of earworms.

Burn more calories by fidgeting and pacing and drive everyone nearby crazy!

Staple City is very cool. I’d probably only manage to complete Staple Trailer Park before my boss had a talk with me…

Still worried about the big scary noisy kitty-eating trucks!” -Mayhem

26 thoughts on “All linked up and nowhere to go”

  1. See, I knew there was a reason for pacing while on the phone and with cordless/wireless, we can pace farther – or even walk miles on the track while catching up.

  2. That Windows cartoon was hysterical. Dave will get a kick out of it, too.

    The cursive handwriting article was interesting. I have always prided myself for my cursive, which, when I put my mind to it, is quite lovely, if I may say so myself. 😉 I got so used to scrawling notes in journalism school that my everyday writing has become a mix of cursive and scrawl. Which…ain’t too shabby.

  3. They teach cursive for a whole year at Kathryn’s school and then promptly ignore it! Her handwriting now is very pre-teen girlish!

  4. I do a lot of writing in cursive, but my cursive script takes a lot more time than my printed script (both my normal and what I learned in industrial arts a lifetime ago). I try not to write in cursive most of the time, because it is even smaller than my printing and a lot of people ask me to type it out rather than strain their eyeballs.

  5. I’ve trained grad students (in their 20s now) who have trouble reading my cursive writing, which is very legible, because they can’t write in cursive and don’t know what the letters are supposed to look like. They all think my writing is very pretty though!

    Be brave, Mayhem! Put on your pink, feathery tiara and remember who you are.

  6. I got really excited until I realized the Lifehacker article was about getting rid of earWORMS, not earWIGS.

    I’ve been spending too much time in the garden, evidently.

  7. Excellent linkage today Chris! I really enjoyed the Nietzsche family circus though.. that comic was always so sugary sweet and nauseating.

  8. Do you think the Star Trek Red Shirt cologne would work if you sprayed it on someone else? That could be handy.


    Chaos is lying to you, Mayhem.

  9. God, I LOVE that picture of Mayhem – PURRRFECT… 😉

    Um, cursive handwriting was pretty dead when I was born in the middle 4th century too I hate to tell you.. I much prefer Times New Roman, or something equally less messy…

    Um, texting while driving??? Man, don’t get me started!!


  10. Am I one of the few that likes cursive? My nine-year-old taught herself to write in cursive because she liked the look so much. I was planning on teaching her anyway eventually. We homeschool, so I really had no idea it wasn’t really a priority anymore.

  11. Hmmm I wonder how many staples there are in the stationery cupboard….

    I was taught cursive but haven’t written like that since school G’s look particularly weird.

  12. Believe it or not, I still write in cursive. When I write that is. Most of what I do is type on the computer. I used to write letters back in the day, LOVED collecting staionery (now I collect yarn) and wrote in cursive. when I’m taking notes, my cursive is a bit *neater* than my print, but when I get tired of a day of note taking, my writing gets worse and I resort to the print.

  13. I don’t write in cursive–when I have to, it looks (understandably) like I’m in 5th grade. When I want writing to look really nice, I go for calligraphy. Cursive never quite worked smoothly for me, maybe because the extra loops are designed for right-handed people. But I *have* discovered that the lowercase S that I used to find incomprehensible is actually how I write now when I’m in a hurry…

  14. The time thingy during software installations and file copies under Windows is one thing that’s stayed consistent, or inconsistent or inconsistently consistent, after all these years.

    That sounds like my handwriting too.

    Hmm… I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t have enough staples for a staple city.

  15. Do non-trekkies (or Trekkers, as the case may be…)get the Star Trek jokes – or has Star Trek become such a part of our world that we all just “get it”? (I wanted to use zeitgeist in there, but then decided it might not be the right word and I didn’t want to look it up. The lazy commenter.)

    PS – Hah! Then I looked it up anyway and it would have been an appropriate use of the term! Oh, I am a nerd.

  16. OK – me again – did you read the Commenters from the Red Shirt cologne post? It’s like comic-con ran into sci-fi con and exploded over there. I’m waiting for them to start commenting in Klingon – or did I miss those?

  17. They teach cursive in Montessori school when kids are learning to write. I don’t know if catholic schools still do penmanship, but I can Palmer method with the best of them. And the fidgeting? I finally understand why no one is my family is fat

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