The view from the Basilica

I took a few pictures from the front lawn of the Basilica last month on a dark and stormy day. First, the Basilica itself.

Here’s the view looking southwestish from the Basilica toward the Walker.

Hmm. What’s that on the roof over there, to the southeast?

Ok, that’s what it looked like, but I’m still mystified! Anyone?

Um, I may have taken a few editing liberties with the next picture, but I couldn’t help myself – that elm is lovely!

“Mom, the big kitty told me that big noisy trucks driving by on the street could come in and eat me at any time, and that they know all my safe and secret hiding spots, and now I’m afraid to sleep!!” -Mayhem

23 thoughts on “The view from the Basilica”

  1. It’s Quadru-plo man in that the bricks are even bigger than Duplo. The Basilica and elm are both very pretty.
    Poor May – a bit of catnip for fun would help her get tired and sleep.

  2. Morning Chris!

    The Basilica is inspiring – especially on a stormy day!!


    I’m saying a brick a.k.a. Lego Man too… 😉

    *waving* at Mayhem…

    Best L

  3. Um, it’s a giant Lego man? I spent about two minutes squinting at the picture before it, trying to spot what was on the roof. I was going to comment that it may have been LINT over there on the southeast side of the roof, and then I scrolled down and saw the NEXT picture. With the Lego man. *yawn*

    I love the Elm. I think I’ve told you about the Weeping Willow that I used to talk to when I was a kid…my neighbour has a lovely, beautiful, grand old Chestnut tree on his front lawn that I say hello to every day.

  4. that photo of the Elm is fabulous. You could win a prize with it.

    and don’t worry May, big scary Chaos kitty will protect you. Rmember what he did at the vet’s? the trucks don’t stand a chance.

  5. Wow.. you’ve certainly got a lot of lovely things to photograph around town huh?
    I’m just getting used to the ‘sibling rivalry’ stuff that 2 cats do to each other… mean, but funny.

  6. Elms are so beautiful! I think the Twin Cities is one of the last places they survive. I remember them along Summit Ave. in St. Paul when I went to Mac.

    Mayhem, Chaos is just trying to scare you because he’s a big scardey-cat, and he knows you’re a fierce Panther Princess.

  7. You really do have a lot of interesting stuff to photograph in your neighborhood. I have the giraffe.

    Well, I probably have more than the giraffe, but I haven’t had time to explore everything in my new neighborhood yet.

  8. Ask and ye shall receive the answer. That is the mascot of the Olson advertising firm, which is located in that building.
    Weird mascot, huh? But I asked #2 son (who works for a video post-production firm that does commercials, thus working for various ad agencies in the TC) and he knew what it was without even looking at the photo.

  9. I was going to say Lego man too!!!
    Chris you really do have some beautiful things around your town/area to photograph and you take some very nice pictures.

    Mayhem, throw your tiara on and tell Chaos where to go!! He can’t scare you… Well, maybe, look at what he did at the vet’s place…
    **No we are not going to think about that… hiss hiss… I am Fearless Princess Mayhem, you will bow down before me**

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