Zoom zoom linkity

It’s going to be a rollicking ride here, folks. Hold on to yer hats. Which you’re probably already doing, because this has been A Week. Heavier stuff down toward the end.

“I’m not sure why you say this is a ‘paper trimmer’, Mom, when it’s obviously a cat perch!” -Mayhem

4 thoughts on “Zoom zoom linkity”

  1. How… how did I never notice the “werewolf cubs” line before? O.o

    LOL @ the Star Trek and pockets link. Though I do think they would have cured chapped lips by that point. Maybe not carcinization, though.

    Doomsurfing is a thing I do way too often. Sigh.

    Thanks for the link to Obama’s post. Hadn’t seen that one yet.
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  2. I’m sorry for all the problems in Minneapolis right now. I’m glad I moved out of my house in downtown SLC, it was close to the rioting (nowhere near what was going on near you, but it still would have been a scary place to be).

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