Chaos Oblique

Not an Artist is having a contest to name one of her knitting creations. Submit your idea by Saturday, November 18, midnight EST.

My work fun continues, but hopefully things will settle down later this week. My week isn’t starting off too well – my front door lock jammed as I was leaving this morning and I had to leave the key sticking out of the lock. No cats will be fed until the locksmith comes, since I can’t get into my condo!

Reading Update
Shakespeare’s Counselor and Shakespeare’s Christmas by Charlaine Harris. Two more Lily Bard mysteries, completely out of order.
Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller. The latest mystery about San Francisco PI Sharon McCone is a solid, enjoyable read that kept me guessing (wrong) for a long time.

Some of you have been wondering if Chaos is hiding from the blog. Whatever gave you that idea?! He’s fine, BTW – I think he’s just kind of stunned about how much energy May has. 🙂