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Reading Update
Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine by Paul Robert & Peter Weil. Really interesting look at the early days of the typewriter, focusing on the amazing number of typewriter-related patents granted and the equally amazing number of typewriter companies that went bankrupt.
Soft Summer Blood (DI Liam McClusky #4) by Peter Helton. Cranky about how the book ended. And if this is how the series ends… Hmph.
Known Devil (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation #3) by Justin Gustainis. Ok paranormal thriller about a cop and his vampire partner trying to figure out what’s happening with a vampire mobster gang war.
The Eidolon by Libby McGugan. Good scifi suspense about research scientist whose project is suddenly and inexplicably shut down, right before he’s approached by a very mysterious figure with a job offer that seems too good to be true.
The Cracked Spine, Of Books and Bagpipes, A Christmas Tartan, and Lost Books and Old Bones (Scottish Bookshop Mysteries 1, 2, 2.5, & 3) by Paige Shelton. Pretty good mystery series about an American archivist who moves to Edinburgh to work in a very unusual bookstore. I’m having a bit of trouble suspending my disbelief at the amateur sleuth angle in this series and am concerned about spraining an eyeball from all the eye rolling I’ve been doing.

“I’ve been looking and looking, but I just don’t see this ‘typewriter case’ you keep mentioning, Mom. It’s a mystery, I guess.” -Mayhem