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Reading Update
The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist’s Guide for the 21st Century by Richard Polt. Excellent look at typewriter history, pluses and minuses of various vintage typewriters you might be interested in, and the place of typewriters in today’s world. At times, the revolution/insurgency metaphor was a bit wearying, but it ultimately didn’t detract from how interesting and useful I found this book to be. Be warned, however, that this book might make you crave your own typewriter – I bought two during the two weeks I was reading it…
To Helvetica and Back (Dangerous Type #1) by Paige Shelton. Good cozyish mystery set in a typewriter repair/book restoration/print shop in a fictitious Utah ski town modeled after Park City.
Bookman Dead Style (Dangerous Type #2) by Paige Shelton. Good continuation of this mystery series about a typewriter repair/book restoration/print shop in a fictitious Utah ski town.
Comic Sans Murder (Dangerous Type #3) by Paige Shelton. Another good addition to this series – this is the most recent book in the series. Hopefully it continues for at least a few more books.
Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I rate poetry based on how much it speaks to me – how much I can relate to it…
Rainstone Fall (Chris Honeysett #3) by Peter Helton. Ok mystery about an artist/private investigator in Bath. I’ve read a lot of mysteries in a very short time and they’re blurring together, but I think this one was first person and I just couldn’t relate to the POV character (even though his name was also Chris, lol).
Falling More Slowly, Four Below, and A Good Way To Go (Detective Inspector Liam McClusky 1-3) by Peter Helton. Pretty good mystery series about a hot mess of a DI who’s new to Bristol. I must say, the author makes Bristol sound like hell on earth. O.O

“I don’t have any idea what typewriter case you’re talking about, Mom.” -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “In which linkity is surprised by fall’s abrupt arrival”

  1. Yay Kepler! (And also yay TESS! More science!)

    Miss May is so cute. How could you want to disturb her?

    That Bullet Journal example is lovely, but so much more work than I can imagine doing for it… O.O (I guess part of that is watercolor art is stressful for me, and not relaxing. My relaxing craft is knitting, and that wouldn’t be a good way to decorate a BuJo.)

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