O noes! WurdPrez iz brokz agin

This will make writing a linkity-linkity-link post more than usually exciting. Don’t be surprised if this post stops mid-sentence. Gah.

Paula’s celebrating her blogiversary with a contest – leave her a comment by midnight CDT, April 25, for your chance to win books or sock yarn. And check out her cute lamp – a mini-spinning wheel with moving parts!

Help Teyani’s choral group go to Carnegie Hall to perform! By making a tax-deductible donation to their travel fund by May 26, you will be entered in a drawing for some wonderful prizes, such as yarn and gift certificates.

The book What Would Jane Austen Do? sounds like a good read for Amy and Jeanne, among others. You can leave a comment at RR@H Novel Thoughts for your chance to win a copy.

Author Barbara Bretton is giving away one of those spiffy new Knit Kits to a lucky entrant on April 25.

Author Meljean Brook’s clearing off her shelves – leave her a comment for your chance to win a copy of The Romance Readers’ Book Club.

Check out Marsha’s links to unusual things to knit – from bicycles to mushrooms to a horse head. Peruse the other links at the AntiCraft when you go to gawk at the horse head, particularly if you’ve always wanted to knit a Lovecraftian Elder God. Please note that some links at the AntiCraft are definitely NSFW, such as this one. *blink blink*

And now we really know where socks go when they’re lost in the wash.

Amy does some great photoblogging all over Minnesota – check out her posts about touring nearby Lakeland Cemetary (guaranteed you’ll recognize more than one name) and some of the other historic sights near downtown Minneapolis. (And now you’re probably all wondering why you haven’t seen pictures of all those things here that are all less than three miles from my condo…)

Wow – it costs $185.49 to build a Kindle2.

Thanks to kmkat for pointing me to this WSJ article about how the ebook will change the way we read and write. Not that I completely agree with the author, but it’s an interesting article nonetheless.

For those of you who boldly tweet at work, here’s a way to use Twitter at work and not get caught – it looks like an Excel spreadsheet. (Please note that SoC takes no responsibility if you try this and do get caught tweeting at work.)

And here are six ways that Lifehacker thinks you should be using Twitter.

This Honeywell email ad from 1977 is hysterical – especially with the Gizmodo commentary: “I can see why it took another 25 years to attract a mainstream following.”

The migraine in art?!

Although this under-sofa storage idea is brilliant (and would work with my futon couch and chair), I think the kitties would be very unhappy if they couldn’t sneak around under the furniture anymore.

“Hmm. I feel unaccountably nervous.” -Chaos

*furry malevolence* -Mayhem

21 thoughts on “O noes! WurdPrez iz brokz agin”

  1. Ah Honeywell, with that idea back in the ’77, why is it you were dwarfed by IBM and Microsoft? Just sayin’.

    Those old ’70’s ads rock.

  2. thanks for the links Chris!

    You know, I just haven’t gotten into Twitter yet – (probably because my schedule is still kinda nutzoid). I do send texts back and forth with my two daughters all the time that are just chatty, but I’m not sure I’d want to Tweet out there for the whole world… I’m confused… do you Tweet?

    My kitties literally smoosh themselves under my dresser when someone unknown comes to the door (it’s only about 3-4 inches)

  3. Chaos, turn around, watch out!

    I like these drawers because of the use of wheels rather than casters. I can’t remember if the ones I’ve seen for sale on TV use wheels or casters. With the nifty Ikea dividers, it would be easy to use them for shoe/boot storage.

  4. Lots of things were scary in the seventies – but I had no idea that there was even a notion of email way back then…all those years ago…


  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about under bed/under sofa storage. Can’t do it with my sofa though, because it sits so low to the ground that the kitty can barely get a paw in.

  6. The knitted horse head is rather amazing in very disturbing way.

    The under the sofa storage would cause kitties to spend hours and hours trying to paw things out of the drawers. It would be a mission for them.

    Isn’t Chaos like twice the size of May? She is brave.

  7. Holy cow–I thought that Honeywell ad was a spoof until I clicked the link.

    To 1970s Americans, “Electronic Mail” probably did seem like something that the Commies would use to beam E-V-I-L straight into your home.

    Evil, and Pong.

  8. My Grandma Eddie is buried over at Lakeland – within spitting distance of HHH. Mom always said she’d turn in her grave if she knew how close he was (she was a devout Repub and would most likely disown me if she were alive today.)

  9. I think I’ve got to keep that email ad.

    I like the rolling under sofa boxes but my sofa is only high enough for a ferret to get under. But I bet they’d work well for a regular bed too.

    Watch out Chaos!

  10. You reminded me, I really must start watching the Sopranos again…

    I really want to visit the Spam Museum now 🙂 You only have yourself to blame.

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