Linkity rejoices at the return of greenery to Minneapolis


Think, Learn, Do, Make


Gluten Free

Artsy Crafty


Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • *waves*

“But your book is the perfect spot for me to sun my butt, Mom. Please don’t take it away!!!” -Mayhem

7 thoughts on “Linkity rejoices at the return of greenery to Minneapolis”

  1. I used body wash for years, but recently went back to soap. I now have soap that smells better than my body wash ever did, and it feel better, too. (Also, 100% agree with the not being able to stand the bottles on the top to get the last bits of body wash.)

    Love the NASA – Star Wars tie-ins.

    For the stages of the reader thing… I think I jumped straight from Stage 3 to Stage 8. I never had to rediscover books, for example, because I have never had a period of no books. (*shudder* O.O I can’t imagine that.)

    It seems I’m Viola (Twelfth Night) — “Smart, strong and independent! Quite the hard-ass. But, you tend to make things more complicated than they are. You rely on yourself to solve your problems, but your weakness is soft boys.” LOL.

    And I’m guessing from the photo that you’re trying to blame Miss May for the lack of reading this week… hmm. 😉
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