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Reading Update
Contents May Have Shifted: A Novel by Pam Houston. Very good story about a middle-aged creative writing instructor and outdoorswoman leading her life. The story unfolds in a series of vignettes – I thought that would annoy me, but it actually worked really well. Make sure you have a copy with the reading group guide in the back, so you can read “The Author on Her Work” after reading the book – it satisfyingly answered my questions about the story. 🙂


6 thoughts on “In which linkity does not have a title”

  1. What an excellent answer to whether vampires prefer arteries or veins!

    The walkie-talkie post is brilliant. Who on earth did name the walkie-talkie?!

  2. The Night Cat! I want the night cat to be a thing!

    The Art Journal Every Day portal is perfect timing. Thank you! (I bought some watercolors today!)

    Also I need to put every single one of those 50 nature and science books onto my tbr list.

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