In which I start a sweater and everyone is underwhelmed by the pictures

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I’ve actually started a sweater for myself! It’s the zip-front hoodie from Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn.

I may or may not actually knit the hood. I have a lot of time to decide on that, since I’m knitting the sweater on US3s from the bottom, using black Jaeger Trinity, which is a discontinued cotton/silk/nylon blend. At the rate I’m knitting, I should finish this sweater in 2011 or so.

Want to see the cables in detail?

Clicking on it won’t help. But I’ll wait while you verify that. Yup, I bet you’re already looking forward to the next two years worth of progress pictures on this project, eh?

*sniff sniff sniff* “This is not a sock.” -Mayhem

“But this yarn does smell awfully tasty…” -Mayhem

*sound of me rushing to rescue project before Mayhem creates more ends*

28 thoughts on “In which I start a sweater and everyone is underwhelmed by the pictures”

  1. The very last thing I ever expected was you knitting a sweater for yourself. I could have guessed it would be black…after all the family must stay in sync.

  2. Oh yeah, more black knitting. You may inspire me to start examining my black sweater stash. i am currently dying of boredom making a black lace stole for my s-in-l

  3. It will be an awesome sweater when its finished.. though boring in between, unless you find some way of figuring out how much cat hair it attracts per month of knitting.

  4. Unlike Marina, I won’t faint that you are knitting yourself a sweater. Now if the sweater weren’t black, then I’d faint. Someday, you’ll knit some friend a pink or yellow sweater, tell us you’re knitting it for yourself, and then we’ll all be struck dumb.

  5. Well, I’ll take your word for it that it’s going to look great! (And that you’re not just sending us a closeup of Chaos or Mayhem 😉 )

  6. That is a lot of tiny black to knit – I hope you’ve got an ott light and some super good glasses ready for that. I don’t think I’ve recovered from the black Irish Hiking scarf yet.

    You could’ve shocked us by knitting something pink for yourself – that would totally knock me over.

  7. That’s a great sweater – I finished one for myself about a month ago and I luv it! 🙂 The cabling gives you the interest to keep going. And I agree with the other – the is what makes it. Also, when I did my sleeves I only did 8 repeats of the cable at the bottom – I think it looks nice, and ‘sides…no one except you sees the under arms. 🙂

  8. cricket loves the color choice she says black is very stylish! but a black sweater on us 3s? wow. just make sure you finish it before winter or you’ll go blind!!

  9. I like the sweater and hey, 2 years isn’t bad, it would probably take me 4 after I had to rip it several times, then put it away for a couple years out of frustration, then finally got it out again. LOL

  10. Wow a sweater! It’s a nice sweater and yeah, 2 years isn’t so bad. That’s about how long it takes me for any sweater. Hey but look on the bright side. You can keep showing the same detail pic over and over and we won’t know the difference. 🙂

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