Linkity really needs this long [US] holiday weekend


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Reading Update
Handmade Hellos: Fresh Greeting Card Projects from First-Rate Crafters by Eunice Moyle & Sabrina Moyle. Ok book with 27 greeting card projects in it. Included templates. I’ll definitely use some of the templates and the directions for creating a library checkout card in Word.
Mail Me Art: Going Postal with the World’s Best Illustrators and Designers by Darren Di Lieto. Ok if you just want to look at pictures of mail art.

*very disappointed in my everything* -Chaos

7 thoughts on “Linkity really needs this long [US] holiday weekend”

  1. LOVE the fanfic thread!
    – “Fic gives your brain space to focus entirely on the characters.”
    – “And this is why many people who discover fic stop reading other stuff. Once you find the genre you prefer, you tend to read a lot in that genre. Some people love mysteries, some people love high-fantasy. Saying you love “fic” really means you love this character-driven genre.”
    That’s it!

    Also I was, “?????!!!! Prince Philip a badass Disney prince?????!!!!” Then after clicking the link… “oh, not our Prince Philip….” LOL

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