From the mixed-up linkity files of me

One more week of my bookbinding class! Linkity should be back to normal(ish) on June 9. 🙂

Mixed-Up Links

Reading Update
The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue by Crystal Neubauer. While I found the author’s collages mystifying and somewhat repetitive, I really liked the information she provided on supplies and mark making and have already procured a tub of her recommended adhesive (Yes! Paste).
Printer’s Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History by Rebecca Romney & JP Romney. Very good look at some critical moments in the history of print and printing. The authors get a bit too cute at points, and this is a book that probably won’t age well due to the humor, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. FYI, the book text ends at page 284. The endnotes run from pages 287-338 and the index from 339-353. A favorite and timely snippet from the book: “The consequences of the Age of Discovery had much in common with those of the invention of print: both provided unprecedented access to knowledge, and therefore both were subject to political and religious freakouts. It was science versus authority. What happens when power and evidence collide?”

“Soon….” -Mayhem

“Why do I suddenly feel sort of uneasy?” -Chaos, sleepily

7 thoughts on “From the mixed-up linkity files of me”

  1. I saw that Mr. Rogers piece the other day. It makes me cry again just thinking about it.

    Love the idea of the sweet potato fajitas.

  2. The Mayday parade looked wonderful!
    The Todd story is lovely and, yes, I got a tear in my eye.
    Yoga with baby goats?? Wouldn’t they poop all over the place? 🙂

  3. I LOVE The Fifth Element. It’s so fun, and probably the movie we quote the most. (“Multi-pass” and “auto-wash” being two of the main quotes we use.)

    I do NOT want an avocado latte. Not even if you pay me. O.o

    OMG. Fighter’s Block looks like a really cute app, and might help with writing sprints! Yay!

    And I love the ideas you linked in the Bullet Journaling blog. Her doodles (AFTER the week is over! genius!) might actually help with my thoughts for wanting doodles in my BuJo and yet never being able to effectively plan doodle space.
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