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One more week of my bookbinding class! Linkity should be back to normal(ish) on June 9. 🙂

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Reading Update
The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue by Crystal Neubauer. While I found the author’s collages mystifying and somewhat repetitive, I really liked the information she provided on supplies and mark making and have already procured a tub of her recommended adhesive (Yes! Paste).
Printer’s Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History by Rebecca Romney & JP Romney. Very good look at some critical moments in the history of print and printing. The authors get a bit too cute at points, and this is a book that probably won’t age well due to the humor, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. FYI, the book text ends at page 284. The endnotes run from pages 287-338 and the index from 339-353. A favorite and timely snippet from the book: “The consequences of the Age of Discovery had much in common with those of the invention of print: both provided unprecedented access to knowledge, and therefore both were subject to political and religious freakouts. It was science versus authority. What happens when power and evidence collide?”

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