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Reading Update
Wolf Who Rules (Elfhome #2) by Wen Spencer. Any book that has me awake until after 2 am to finish it gets an automatic five-star rating. Will be rereading this one. (In fact, read it twice this past week.)
Elfhome (Elfhome #3) by Wen Spencer. Another one I basically read in a single sitting and will be rereading! (I really hate the cover, though.) (But read it twice this week anyway.)
Bare Snow Falling on Fairywood (Elfhome #0.9) by Wen Spencer. Very good free short that takes place as the first chapter of Tinker starts.
Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden (Elfhome #1.5) by Wen Spencer. Very good, very funny free short about a documentary film crew trying to film some of Pittsburgh’s dangerous flora and fauna.
Peace Offering (Elfhome #3.5) by Wen Spencer. Very good short that takes place during Elfhome #3.
Wood Sprites (Elfhome #4) by Wen Spencer. Very good tale of two twins in New York City who are from the same batch of fertilized eggs as Tinker, only implanted a decade later.
Project Elfhome (Elfhome #4.5) by Wen Spencer. Very entertaining collection of shorts and drabbles that expand on and tie up some loose ends from the four (so far) main books. (It includes the three shorts mentioned above.)
Endless Blue by Wen Spencer. Good tale of the outer space equivalent of the Sargasso Sea, with an unfortunately rushed feeling ending.

I’m not sure how he manages to be baleful and cute at the same time, really. Apparently it’s a gift.

11 thoughts on “Linkity from the land of ice and snow”

  1. There’s sure some yummy-sounding recipes there!

    I have to troubleshoot my mom’s printer problem today. Hopefully there will be no animal sacrifices needed.

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