Zucchini 1, Chaos 0

Over the weekend, my SIL sent me home with some veggies from the garden. I set the zucchini on top of the fridge so I would remember to use it and wandered off. When I wandered back into the kitchen later, I discovered a standoff…

“What is that terrifying thing on my fridge?!”

“See, Chaos? It’s just a harmless vegetable.”
“Hmph. You are trying to trick me.”

“Because, obviously, it’s a monster that eats cats.”

“And I think it’s sneaking up on me…”

“So I will just sit here quietly on the cupboard until it gets bored and goes away.”

41 thoughts on “Zucchini 1, Chaos 0”

  1. ROFLOL!!! They are so funny when they find something new – Cat’s don’t like their “realities rearranged!” It’s okay, Chaos, but I doubt that you’ll find it tasty!

  2. Poor Chaos. So many vegetables out there to scare a poor guy! As I write this, Tigger is having a standoff with a milk bottle cap.

  3. He wasn’t seriously afraid of a zucchini? Ha! But that’s pretty much the same reaction that my husband has to that particular vegetable.

  4. Get it Choas, I know you can do it champ. Well it looks like you had a great weekend at the Art Fairs. I had know idea that Powderhorn, Loring and Uptown had a fair on the same weekend.

  5. Hehehe. I think that’s the difference between cats and dogs… well at least your cat and my dog. If we left a zucchini out at my house, Taffy would have run off with it.
    Also, the zucchini makes me think of my Mom’s chocolate chip zucchini bread. I bet Chaos would like zucchini if it was in something like that!

  6. This is the best darned set of comments I’ve read in a while — Chaos, you and the Flying Zucchini Monster are obviously Da Muse.

  7. Awww, poor Chaos! Don’t worry little Dude, Atticus has had standoffs with water in a clear glass. Yes. He’ll get up his courage, then bat at it, and then run and hide.

    Mae’s just…uh, a bit more dignified.

  8. Well I for one think Chaos is correct to fear the Zucchini! I mean, with a name like ‘Zucchini’ it is obvious that it is one evil vegetable. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s only pretending to be a vegetable! And as all can clearly see, it is plotting something. Those Zucchini are always plotting something.

  9. Uh oh, evil vegetables. What has the world come to, when a cat can’t sit up high without being stalked by a vegetable.

    Basil is sometimes stalked by food, but Abner is always the one doing the stalking. His favorite is tomatoes, he at over 30 at one sitting once. (he stole them out of the kitchen sink while we were gone)

  10. Wow. That is crazy! His face in that second photo expresses the amount of disdain and fear he has for that scary cat-eating zucchini!! I love cats. :O)

  11. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    Tee hee. Poor Chaos. I wonder if my kids would be freaked out by a zucchini – Tyberius likes frozen peas (as in, to eat), so he might just chow down. Isadora’s a bit pickier, though I discovered night before last that she likes Jello.

    Ah, cats. Aren’t they great?

  12. Oh no! Menaced by an evil ferocious Zucchini! Chaos is willing to take it on as the man of the house. Cat of the house?

    I love the “If I ignore it, it will go away. Is it gone yet?”

  13. Bwahahaha! I have seen that expression and posture around here many times and it’s always hysterical! I wonder what would’ve happened if he’d swatted at it and made it move – would you have had to peel him off the ceiling? Hmm…

  14. I love that set of pictures.

    I think Chaos is right to be scared. Judging by how fast our zucchini is growing, it could well take over the world.

  15. Simon says to tell Chaos to just knock that thing off the fridge — it doesn’t belong there and therefore belongs on the floor! Oh – and it’s preferable to do this in the middle of the night….

  16. ROTFL! Cats are so funny when there is something in their domain they don’t recognize. On the other hand, I’ve seen some zucchini that are big enough to be man, er cat eaters.

  17. It’s so funny what sets cats off and I love the look of disdain and distrust on his face.

    I have been pretty lax in my blog patrol since my vacation; I’m glad I finally made it over to your new digs to say hello!

  18. Heh! Hilarious Chaos vs the Zucchini Monster ;o) I wonder who really could win in a stare off.. some of those zucchini can scare the living daylights out of even the most experienced zucchini exterminators! (aka chef)

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