Poetic lace

Two more books completed for SRP:

Tomb of the Golden Bird by Elizabeth Peters, 381 pages. I have no idea what number this is in the series, but the latest episode finds Amelia, Emerson, and the rest of their quirky family once again in Luxor. It’s the fall of 1922 and Howard Carter is poised to discover Tutankhamon’s tomb…
Dead Days of Summer by Carolyn Hart, 280 pages. The latest Death on Demand mystery sticks to the predictable formula. I’m actually not sure why I keep reading these, but I do… They’re a little choppy (cutting too quickly between too many perspectives) and a little too sweet for my taste.

And now, the The Amazing Lace Challenge #3…

Cabernet bemoans
she is not yet becoming
an Adamas shawl
Chaos lurks and waits
Opportunity will knock
He is sure of it

20 thoughts on “Poetic lace”

  1. That color is beautiful! I have the candle flame lace shawl from knitpicks on my list of future knits. Chaos just doesn’t want to appear impulsive! Have a good day.

  2. I should be doing The Amazing Lace — I’m sure I could write a limerick about Seraphim! Is Chaos jealous of your knitting? Simon usually wants to be right in the middle of it, while Harley likes to watch me knit.

  3. You are a fast reader, or actually I’m a slow reader. It takes me forever to read a book.

    I still love the color of that yarn. I think Chaos likes the Cabernet a little too much though. 🙂

  4. What? Haven’t you “repaired” the yarn? Or is it useless doing that since Chaos might get at it again? Especially since you purposely taunt him!

  5. I’m two books behind in the Amelia Peabody books. But I’ve been catching up on Elizabeth Peters’ old gothic books using the pseudonym of Barbara Michaels. I can read one of those in a day.

  6. I love the haiku! I can’t wait to see it become a shawl!

    Oh & I’m also really loving bellwether! I couldn’t wait til we were actually at the beach to pick it up! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. My lace project has sat neglected as well. *sigh*

    DH is an Elizabeth Peters fan but I haven’t read any of her yet. Though yesterday I checked out the next WKK and a John Sandford…

  8. I burst out laughing when I saw that photo of Chaos. He’s so lurky! I would be very very nervous if I was that laceweight!

  9. Good poem–and just under the wire too!

    Your yarn looks so lonely, I’m glad Chaos joined the picture, but he looks like he’s ready to pounce! Quick, save the yarn!!!

  10. At least you *have* a project planned for that gorgeous yarn! I have a similar ball of Cherry Tree Hill laceweight (green/purple/fuschia) that just sits there looking gorgeous but I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT. It’s… I have a feeling I think it’s too pretty to risk doing something wrong with it, so it may end up just sitting there forever as a ball of pretty. Sad waste, really, but… ???

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