Move along, move along – no knitting to see here

Since I’ve decided to knit a few things for Christmas presents, I’m getting a spectacular amount of knitting not done. In the interest of not presenting the mittens from a slightlyl different angle to suggest progress, we’ll just move right along.

It’s snowy here today. Probably three or four inches so far and falling steadily. Chaos is busy watching snowflakes.

You’ll just have to forgive the periodic weather commentary. I’m Minnesotan. It’s what we do. Listen to A Prairie Home Companion and you’ll quickly figure that out.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of my handknit dishcloths didn’t look quite right and I couldn’t blame it on moths because…

Hmm. How could this have happened? It couldn’t possibly be the work of the Cat Chaotic, since we have a NO CATS ON THE COUNTER rule around here. And anyway, why would the Cat Who Ate a Potholder chew on a dishcloth? The culprit remains at large…

“Hey, I resemble that remark!”

19 thoughts on “Move along, move along – no knitting to see here”

  1. is it just me or does his face look *so* guilty in that picture?

    napoleon knocked br’s comb into the toilet during the night. he’s being very mischevious lately. i think he needs more room to run and be free… and yes he got into the bathroom cupboard… again.

    i think you should start putting up cameras during the night to see what chaos is getting into… there’s no telling!! he probably has all of his friends over and they party and stuff and they got into a fight over that cloth and it ripped… he’s just blaming it on the moths so he doesn’t get into *trouble*

  2. Ana, no! Don’t do it! Don’t tell him!

    I don’t think he looks guilty – I think he looks annoyed at being fingered as the culprit. 😉

    Just hope Naps doesn’t figure out how to flush the toilet so he can watch the water go away and come back…

    I got in the habit of always keeping the toilet closed since the kittenhood incident when I stood up, turned to flush, and before I could, there was a black kitten in the toilet…

    Ewwwwww!!!! Instant kitty bath.

  3. I had a cat, MatMeat, who liked to eat Cheese Wiz on Saltine crackers. My father’s cat, Luther, loves to feast on Scotch Tape. Christmas is a nightmare at his house.

    Dishcloths? I dunno about that. 😉

  4. First of all – what’s the story behind the name “MatMeat”?

    Love the image of Christmas being terrorized by a cat eating the tape off the packages! (“Were you trying to peek into your gift?!” “No, Mom, it was the cat.” “Right. The cat. Sure it was the cat.”)

    Chaos eats tissue paper and popcorn. The tissue paper thing can be kinda messy when I’m giving gifts, because the tissue paper tends to look sort of gnawed….

  5. Love the picture of Chaos adopting our cat’s typical ‘Suck Ears’ pose.

    Our Teen Thug is out shoveling the walk as we speak, and claims that he deserves a Housework Pass today so that he can go out this afternoon and make money off of other people’s misery by shoveling their walks. Do you think I should allow procrastination if motivated in part by greed?

    (Oh, alright, we *could* call it ‘entrepreneurship’, if we were going to be kind…)

  6. LOL at your gnawed tissue paper. And yeah, before we figured out Luther’s desire for tape we all did think everyone was peeking. Then one day as we were opening gifts ’round the tree we heard this awful gagging sound and Luther horked up a big ball of soggy tape. That was our lightbulb moment.

    MatMeat: His full name was Matthew Lee; we called him MatMeat for short. No idea how he got that nickname. That’s not nearly as bad as my last cat’s nickname: Anus.

  7. so he’s hiding the guilt behind that gorgeous face…
    one of the best things about black cats is their amber eyes… i think amber eyes on a cat make me melt… my shawn had amber ees… but he was black and white. i gotta scan a picture of him someday so everyone can see how fabooo he was…

    my other cat zach used to eat tinsel. you can picture where i’m going with this.

  8. This is just getting very visual… First, the mental image of Luther’s horked up tape ball. Now… Sparkly tinsel cat poop. Everyone needs some among their holiday decorations…

    Chaos doesn’t hork up the tissue paper. When I thought he was just playing with it, I usually had some out for him to crinkly around on. And then I realized he was supplementing his diet with it (and with the all-natural olive oil hand soap in the bathroom, but boy, was his coat ever shiny).

    If any of y’all ever drop by, remember that the toilet paper is hidden under the bathroom sink, because he can reduce a roll to confetti in seconds (and then start snacking on it). You’ll have to ask me to get the paper towels down out of the cupboard for you, too. 🙂

    Yes, “me” from Bermuda, Shawn the Cat pictures, please!!

    And to “me” from Minnesota – only let the Teen Thug out on a pass if he cuts you in on the take.

  9. I love the pic of Chaos’s silhouette in the first picture!

    I had a cat, Skamp, that liked to eat the pull tabs off of milk jugs. He’s come running when he heard us opening one.

  10. I’ve been having fun reading all about Chaos’s antics – boy can he be naughty! I thought my rabbit Thunder was bad – at least he can go in his cage if he gets too naughty 😉

    BTW Pentax camera’s are very reliable – I must love them, I have 2!

  11. Our cat Beezel used to have a thing for rubber bands – he’d chase them around the floor, which was cute – until we spotted him swallowing one of those big thick pink ones one day. Urk. We successfully weaned him onto plastic milk bottle tops after that.

    Does Chaos ever mew anxiously when he’s watching snowflakes or other prey outside the window?

  12. Roxy – Thanks for the camera recommendation!

    Kellie – He does indeed mew anxiously when he sees birds flying by. Since we live on the 3rd floor and there’s a ledge over one window that attracts pigeons in the summer, he spends a lot of time crouching and quivering and mewing and even chittering a bit.

    He watches snowflakes much more serenely than he does birds.

  13. Chaos doesn’t look the least bit guilty. And how could he possibly be on the counter, when there is a no cat on the counter rule? Cats don’t misbehave. You must be mistaken. 🙂

    I loved your story about Chaos in the Christmas tree. (from a comment on my blog, for those of you confused)

    I’m kidding of course. As I’ve learned as of late they get themselves into more trouble than I tend to notice on a normal day. Yes, a cat in the closet is normal because cats are magic creatures and love to sit in closets; the trash in the office and bathroom just falls over by itself; things just normally fall off of the coffee table on their own. 🙂 If they weren’t such cuties and great company, I think they’d find themselves in a lot more trouble.

  14. Oh my goodness! I am laughing here, would you please stop being so funny!! When is that book about Chaos going to come out, it would be hilarious.
    Now why would reading my blog make you hungry and tired? I assure you I am quite stuffed and not a… snore

  15. Aw, shucks, Chris. When I went to tell Chaos about your sweet comment, I caught him in the pose you’ll see in the next blog entry… He was really impressed! 😉

  16. Love the pictures of Chaos. It never fails to amaze me, the things that the animals will eat..

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. As for the iGuy, he’s just a protective covering for the pod, but I think he’s cute…you can see more of him here.

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