What the…

I couldn’t believe it when I read about a new superwash sock yarn from Austermann called Step. It contains aloe vera and jojoba oil. Why??

I suppose it could moisturize your hands while you knit, but I’m not sure that benefit would outweigh the potential messiness. And really, only part of your hands comes into contact with the yarn as you knit – the backs of my hands tend to be driest part of my hands and to have the least amount of yarn contact.

The big questions are will it leave stains on your clothes and knitting bags? Make of mess of your laundry and leave stains on other things washed with it? Does Austermann think the aloe and oil will last through a single trip through the washing machine? It is superwash, after all.

8 thoughts on “What the…”

  1. I can see them doing it for the purpose of helping knitters’ hands, but you’re right, one wash and it would be gone. Well, that’s one yarn I’ll likely not be purchasing (yikes, did I really say that?).

  2. That is strange. I guess it’s only to benefit the 1st time you use it.
    Thanks for the clog compliments. You don’t think kitty would look good attached to your foot?

  3. See how strong you are, Ana? There’s yarn out there you can resist! 😉

    Chris – Well, I think he would look ok attached to my foot, but he’s really heavy and I only have one cat, so I’d be staggering lopsidely around like a drunken sailor.

  4. That’s just strange. Moisturizing yarn? It’s not THAT drying.

    I’d tell you to get a Chaos double for the other foot, but that’s double the trouble and walking would be out of the question.

  5. see… that is what sucks about where i live. stoopid island. we don’t get ANY fun wool.

    to experiement would be to select items at random from the internet and wait *weeks* and *weeks* for it to get here…

    what if i don’t like it? then i gotta waste more precious time and more *precious* money to send it back…

    even if it’s weird and oily and slips out of your fingers and off the needles while you’re working with it… count yourselves lucky…

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