Final Project Spectrum May pictures

Yes, yes, I know everyone wants to see pictures of luridly purple yarn. Hopefully tomorrow. Right now the yarn is eluding my best efforts to capture the color. Grrrrrr…

So, in order to placate Marina, I finished my Chaotic Black Lagoon socks last night.

Yarn: Sundara Black Lagoon
Pattern: Judy Gibson’s generic toe-up pattern modified for two circulars, with this cast-on and Maeve’s Cherry Blossom Lace pattern
Needles: Addi Turbo 0s
Duration: 28 days

And on to the last few PS May images… A treasured green card from my grad school friend Deb:

One of the best wine labels ever (and the wine’s not bad, either!) – does that face remind you of anyone?! 🙂

For Chaos size reference, the wine bottle is 12 inches tall…

“Wait a minute, what the heck is a gooseberry bush?! Can’t I just use my litterbox?!”