Welcome, Sparkly Flamingo!

Nicole’s giving away a copy of A.J. Menden’s new book, Phenomenal Girl 5. Leave her a comment before Thanksgiving for your chance to win.

Want a chance to win one of three gorgeous quilts? Enter by 7 pm EST, November 17.

Get Rich Slowly has a great list of gifts you can make yourself this holiday season. Check out their list(s) of recession-proof jobs from earlier this week. I also found that “The Irritation Threshold and Lifestyle Inflation” definitely gave me things to think about. (Trek’s post today ties in nicely and has some great ideas for living a more moderate life..)

Loved the fail cake FAIL.

Does seeing how many unread posts you have in Google Reader overwhelm you sometimes? You can change that so you just see which blogs have new posts and not how many new posts they have.

If you use Firefox, what sort of personalization have you done with themes and extensions? I’m using the Red Cats (Blue Flavor) theme. My absolute favorite extension is Stop Autoplay, which prevents embedded music and video from playing automatically when you follow a link; instead, you see a little play button and can decide when and if to press it. (Especially handy if you’re browsing at work!) I’m also fond of DictionarySearch, which allows you to highlight and right-click on a word to go look up its definition.

Here’s an amusing article about writers and their cats.

Thanks to Rebecca (who is getting better after her surgery, albeit slowly) for alerting me to these tips on how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. O noes!

Many thanks to Cheryl for providing May’s new favorite toy!

“I’ve got you now, my pretty! Well, hopefully I do. Unless you get away again.” -Mayhem

Have a great weekend, everyone!