Welcome, Sparkly Flamingo!

Nicole’s giving away a copy of A.J. Menden’s new book, Phenomenal Girl 5. Leave her a comment before Thanksgiving for your chance to win.

Want a chance to win one of three gorgeous quilts? Enter by 7 pm EST, November 17.

Get Rich Slowly has a great list of gifts you can make yourself this holiday season. Check out their list(s) of recession-proof jobs from earlier this week. I also found that “The Irritation Threshold and Lifestyle Inflation” definitely gave me things to think about. (Trek’s post today ties in nicely and has some great ideas for living a more moderate life..)

Loved the fail cake FAIL.

Does seeing how many unread posts you have in Google Reader overwhelm you sometimes? You can change that so you just see which blogs have new posts and not how many new posts they have.

If you use Firefox, what sort of personalization have you done with themes and extensions? I’m using the Red Cats (Blue Flavor) theme. My absolute favorite extension is Stop Autoplay, which prevents embedded music and video from playing automatically when you follow a link; instead, you see a little play button and can decide when and if to press it. (Especially handy if you’re browsing at work!) I’m also fond of DictionarySearch, which allows you to highlight and right-click on a word to go look up its definition.

Here’s an amusing article about writers and their cats.

Thanks to Rebecca (who is getting better after her surgery, albeit slowly) for alerting me to these tips on how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. O noes!

Many thanks to Cheryl for providing May’s new favorite toy!

“I’ve got you now, my pretty! Well, hopefully I do. Unless you get away again.” -Mayhem

Have a great weekend, everyone!

31 thoughts on “Welcome, Sparkly Flamingo!”

  1. How do you know May is not practicing on the flamingo? And that green mouse from two days ago? Couldn’t that be a warning since she doesn’t have access to real dead animals 😉

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I’m using the “mythical Sirens” theme on Firefox and I love the customizable search bar on the top- my favorite is the instant IMDB search and the weather channel one. I also use TwitBin – an add on for twitter.

  3. I love that cake! I’ve never seen a cake with all black icing before!

    I’ve also never even heard of those Firefox themes. Oooh…you introduce me to so many neat things, Chris!

  4. Hmm, so are you using Google Reader now then?

    Anyway, I like Download Statusbar, and DownThemAll to make downloads easier and faster, dragupload to drop multiple files into Gmail (and many other places) instead of one-by-one, SmartBookmarksBar for the Bookmarks toolbar, and Track Package for these order emails that don’t have hyperlinked tracking numbers. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the pointer to that add-on! I think I need it, *now*.

    There used to be a wonderful add-on for reading PDFs in Firefox, with the built-in option to save them or print them, but it seems to have disappeared. (It’s on our older lab computer, but neither my laptop nor the new lab computer, because I couldn’t find it again.)

  6. My two favorite Firefox add-ons are the “undo last tab close” extension, since I am forever accidentally closing tabs and the bookmark sync. I love that I can bookmark something at work and still find the page at home without having to remember how I got there!

  7. Thanks for the Firefox extensions info. All sound useful or fun, especially the in-line dictionary. Now, I won’t have to tab open to dictionary.com when I want to do a look-up.

    p.s. May looks super-adorable with teh sparkly pink bird.

  8. I love my Firefox.

    My favorite theme is Baby Blue, but it hasn’t been updated for the newer releases of FF – I’ve been making do with Aquatint.

    As for extensions…Adblock Plus has changed my internet life for the better, Nuke Anything makes printing from the internet a billion times better, and BugMeNot makes me terribly happy. Love!

  9. Oh no! May is getting hooked on SPF. I hearthat’s even worse than SRM. Get out while you can May! Sparkly Pink Flamingos are a gateway drug. Soon you will be jonesing for Bubble Sound Effects Red Lobster like Luca does. 🙂

  10. I’ve been using Red Cats Green! It makes the browsing experience more entertaining. Thanks for the heads up on Stop AutoPlay. There are a few horsemanship sites I visit that annoyingly have that feature (kids these days, I’ll tell ya). May’s expression = too cute for words.

  11. Still lol at “how you know your cat is trying to kill you”. I just knew reg. nurse was on the list of good jobs, I also commented to win one of those quilts, thanks for the link. have a great weekend

  12. I was afraid you had a life-size sparkly pink flamingo when I saw the title. 🙂

    Great links! The failed fail cake is perfect. I’ve always suspected that Katie is plotting to kill me.

  13. I use Flashblock, which is like StopPlay in that it blocks all flash (including videos) but it also handily blocks ads! I highly recommend it.

    I also use stumbleupon (for slacking off on the internet) and pageaddict (for preventing me from slacking off on the internet).

  14. Does she get a special drink after playing w/ the flamingo? Or a nip treat?? I bookmarked that xmas gift idea list… no time to read it today! Actually, a bunch of us are getting together to make lotions and creams, a first time event for us.

  15. Thanks for the link! (Well, all the links… the one to my contest, and the ones to the Firefox addons, and…)

    I hope May gets the flamingo. It looks like it needs a haircut.

  16. Man, that Stop Autoplay is brilliant. I really hate it when I get unwanted music from a site. I usually have my own music going, and it can be very annoying. My cats won’t play with toys that have that prickly sparkly stuff. I don’t think they like how it feels in their mouths.

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