Ebook Giveaway: Winning in a Landslide (Change #1.5) by JM Cartwright [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Maya, who won The Santa Problem by Tam Ames! The Santa Problem is being released today by Torquere Press.

Congrats to Zeneida, who won Melting Mr. Mowburrey by Kim Dare! Melting Mr. Mowburrey is being released today by Resplendence Publishing. And check out Kim’s post about the inspiration for the story – a photo I took! :)

Many thanks to J.M. Cartwright for donating a copy of her forthcoming holiday m/m romance, Winning in a Landslide (Change #1.5), for a lucky commenter to win! Winning in a Landslide will be released by Torquere Press on December 21.

Sheriff Grissom has just won re-election, but the campaign got nasty. Johnny and Grissom are at odds with each other, the reality of their world sinking in for both men. Johnny’s frustrated and Grissom’s patience is stretched to the limit.

Johnny’s come to understand exactly what their relationship could cost Grissom, and he’s having second thoughts. But the two men have established a family, and a life together – a good life, despite their differences. Plus, it’s almost Christmas – and they’re breaking in a new housekeeper. How will she like working for two daddies?

Can they really make it work in small-town West Virginia? Join the boys from A Change of Tune and find out!

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About J.M.

I’m a Midwesterner by birth – lived briefly in the Pacific Northwest – and I dream of the Appalachians and someday sitting on a veranda looking over one hundred acres of paradise. Writing stories about lovers butting heads, making each other crazy, laughing and loving is what I like to do.

You can find out more about J.M. at her website.

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“I’m keeping an eye on you, Mom!” -Chaos

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  1. Me too please (I know I should feel ashamed of my competition wh*ring but I don’t). Win or lose, I love competitions!! xx

  2. Chaos is so cute! Now all he needs is a Santa hat… though that may also in turn make him look miserable. But still… 🙂

  3. I’m entering the contest.

    I haven’t read anything by JM Cartwright; I look forward in checking out this book.

  4. The The Trouble With Angel was hilarious and featured one of the best flamboyant gay character.
    I’d love to read the latest J.M. Cartwright book.

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