In which our secret knitting project is revealed

Jeanne and I have been working on a lapghan to keep my neighbor Carol warm as she goes through her chemo treatments. I wove in the last end Tuesday night (yup, this was the source of the 70 ends I was whining about – I’m glad Jeanne took pity on me and wove in some!). Yesterday (after taking a few pictures…) I washed the lapghan and presented it to Carol. I think she liked it. 🙂

Vital stats: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in charcoal, medium blue (horrifically misnamed violet), stone, and azalea (would you guess this is actually a dark pinky red?). The strips are approximately 4″ wide.

“Huh. I don’t remember the floor looking like this. I wonder when this happened?” -Mayhem

“Our new stripey floor is pretty comfy.” -Mayhem

“Do you like the new stripey floor, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“Mmmm… warm toes.” -Chaos

“I can’t believe how shallow you are, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“Mmmmm… warm tummy.” -Chaos

“Hmph.” -Mayhem

“Mmmm… stripes…” -Chaos

They were a bit disgruntled to be shooed off the lapghan so I could wash it!