In which you don’t see our secret project at all

Last night, Jeanne came over and we worked on our secret project for a few hours. Jeanne has one little bit left to do, and then I take over weaving in the ends. There are 70 ends, and I’ve done six so far. *whimper*

“Jeanne brought over this wonderfully squishy felted bag that smells like strange girl kitties.” -Chaos

*sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

“What’s so interesting there, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“Nothing, May – go find your own wonderfully squishy felted bag. This one’s mine.” -Chaos

“Hmph. Be that way then.” -Mayhem

“Neener neener neener, big kitty. A lap beats a squishy bag any day.” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos

After Jeanne got home, she reported that her “strange girl kitty” Pudd (short for Puddin’head – don’t ask) spent a very long time sniffing that wonderfully squishy felted bag. Hmm. Kitty romance via sniff?