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Ok, I got tagged to describe and take a picture of my favorite knitting spot at Scout’s Knitted Swag. All I was doing was wandering through the Knitted Southwest webring – I love the Southwest, so I thought I’d see what the knitters there are up to. Now I know that they’re hanging out tagging the unsuspecting!

Anyway, I tag Jeanne, Ana, “me” from Bermuda, Pink Rocket, and Kellie N. Now, I don’t think that Kellie has a blog that she’s admitting to, so she’ll just have to describe her favorite knitting spot in a lot of detail. 🙂

My favorite knitting spot is in the living room of my small…er…cozy condo. It’s a futon chair, and should I have a very scrawny guest who doesn’t move a lot during sleep, he or she could sleep in this chair when it’s pulled out flat. I wouldn’t recommend it – I think you’d have flashbacks to being in a crib as a baby.

The top of the back of the futon is lopsided because Chaos launches himself from the table to the back of the futon, thus heavily compacting the corner. The weird cushion on the ottoman is to support my knees while I knit. One of my innumerable knitting bags (this one with an active project) is beside the chair.

Of course, Chaos had to get in on the action. This picture gives you a tiny glimpse of the bottom of my living room’s most notable feature – a 15-feet long, 6-feet tall mirror. Hey, it was there when I bought the place.. but it sure does open up the living room, as well as making it a lot lighter. There’s no hiding those unwanted pounds in my living room…

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  1. Aargh, it’s true, I have no blog as yet! The shame! It’s been on my to do list for a while. And I have so many cat pictures going to waste!

    My favourite knitting spot is my spot on my big comfy red couch. It has nice wide arms for balancing patterns, books, etc – it’s in the perfect spot for watching dvd’s, and next to a window so I can feel the fresh breeze when the weather is good. And I can see my stash from there, which is oddly reassuring….

  2. You might be able to do it with a carefully framed shot – it worked for me. And boy, am I ever glad that dust and floor grit don’t show up on pictures like this. 🙂

  3. That comment was for Jeanne – Kellie, you were comenting at the same time.

    You really need a blog. I know, I know, it’s selfish of me – but I love to look at other people’s cat and knitting pictures!

  4. animal pictures are captivating. everytime i see a picture i want to reach inside and take the pet and pet it and love it and hold it and squeeze it…

    i don’t have to clean anything, and i get the chance to show off the latest addition to my material collection… eee! i’ve needed an excuse. well not really but this is better… maybe napoleon will make a cameo

  5. O.K. Chris- I figured it out, but at the moment I don’t have anything worth saying. Thanks for the hand holding. I’ll get with it yet.

  6. Mine’s posted!

    What is it with condos and big ‘ol honking mirrors? I see that ll the time! I know they open up a space but I’d be afraid to see that much of my self on a daily basis! LOL

  7. And it’s not just a mirror – I have paneling, too! Aren’t I lucky? The scary thing is… it works, in a quirky way that I like.

    I’ve probably made more progress on my body image in the three years I’ve lived here with that giant mirror than in the preceding 36 years.

    Oh, and I really hope there will be a Napolean cameo. 🙂

  8. Nice chair. Looks comfy. I could see myself knitting there, especially since my back would be to the mirror and I wouldn’t have to watch myself knit. I like mirrors, but 15 x 6, wow. Where on earth did they get a mirror that big?
    I do love Chaos.

  9. The mirror is in two pieces, but I’m still not sure how they got it up here.

    You would not believe how much I dread cleaning it. Or maybe you would. 🙂

  10. mirrors rock. i’m inhumanly vain so… i stare at myself in reflective surfaces all the time…

    except i don’t like to have one in the bathroom cuz… you know… only a little one… where i can see my face…

    ya… reflective… shiney…

  11. Hi Chris. You had asked about the sock yarn on my blog. I got it from e-bay store shbknits store. I think if you type that in it will take you to her location. She has 11 yarns listed today. The only think I don’t like about the yarn is even though it is 100% merino it is scratchy. Someone said today that it may soften when I wash it and rinse in hair conditioner. I hope so as I have been knitting with the Lana Grossa sock yarn and also alpaca, I have gotten used to the softness and this doesn’t feel all that good. She does have some pretty colors though. Good luck.

  12. I’m going to assume you’ll get this via email, even this post is old. I think your spot looks very comfy. I love a slouchy chair with a footrest. I’m sure Chaos makes for some good action knitting, too! Thanks for playing along.

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