Where I’ve knit and a shocking revelation about Chaos

Kat is having a contest – list five places other than your home or a knitting store where you’ve knitted. Here’s my list:

  1. With Christine Lavin before a concert (she signed not only a cd, but her chapter in Knit Lit, Too)
  2. During team meetings at work
  3. Out at happy hour with my coworkers
  4. The Ghost Ranch (where Georgia O’Keefe did a lot of her painting)
  5. Walking around Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis (this caused a runner to run backwards for a while to watch me)

And the place I always mean to go knit but never quite manage to make it to… The Smitten Kitten (a feminist s*x toy shop about 10 blocks away), which has a weekly knitting group on Sunday mornings.

I finished the cage liner and will send it off to Chris tomorrow! Although there might be a bit of resistance about that…

“What do you mean, this isn’t for me?! I demand tuna in restitution!”

What I particularly like about this picture is that, if you click on it and make it larger, you can see the tabby striping on the side of Chaos’ face. Chaos is not exactly a black cat – he’s a stealth tabby. He has ultra black tabby markings on a near black background. You can only see the stripes when he’s in bright sunlight, illuminated by a flash, or if you spend some time around a cat who’s really, really black, like Chaos’ mom Riley.

I’ll give you some time to cope with the shock. Do you think I need to bow out of the Black Cat Web Ring?