Warning: Written while cognitive function impaired by work

Obsidian Kitten is looking for some “bits and bobs” of leftover sock yarn for a monster (baby) hat project. Everyone who sends at least five yards of sock yarn will be entered to win one of three prizes (first place is a $25 gift certificate to Yarn Lust).

ModernCat is having an ugliest pet bed contest – if your cat or dog (under 15 pounds) has a pathetic bed or very odd sleeping spot, you could win a new SleepyPod pet bed. Contest closes October 31.

Don’t forget about Chaos’s birthday contest!

Jen’s in training for NaNoWriMo and is looking for others interested in working on (and posting) writing exercises every week in October. Let her know by October 5 if you’d like to participate.

*blink blink* I’m not sure what W*l-M*rt was thinking with this Halloween decoration

Urban Fantasy Land posted a list of new releases scheduled for October and I was surprised (and pleased) to see a Dresden Files novel!

Sadly, work continues to be crazy busy, leaving me with very little brain power left to use for blogging at the end of the day. Yes, yes, I’m still managing a tiny bit of knitting. I finished knitting my shaped cardi while I was on vacation and just have the ends to weave in… since I can’t read and weave in ends, it could stay in that condition for a while! I’m knitting bibs for a recent and upcoming outbreak of babies. Plus, Jeanne and I are knitting a stealth project together – hopefully I’ll be able to blog about that next week sometime.

*burp* “Mmmmm… sheepy stitchmarker.” -Mayhem