The return of the bibs: Chaos

Kristi has posted some more sock yarn reviews.

Clare is having a contest to celebrate her 100th post. Leave her a comment with a yarn substitution story, and you could win yarn, a shawl pin, or a book.

I should just knit up a pile of bibs to have on hand for those unexpected babies… Here are the first three bibs – I have a few more that still need buttons.

“Oh no, not bibs again. Well, at least this one will look nice with my eyes…” -Chaos

“Curses! These are easy to get off… unless your foot gets caught in the neck opening.” -Chaos

“Um, a little help here, Mom?!” -Chaos

35 thoughts on “The return of the bibs: Chaos”

  1. Awwww, kitties in baby bibs! 🙂

    Hey, your blog has been blocked to me at work. “Hate speech” was the category given. LOL I came home and read the Retro Sweater Guy post! LMAO No one was hateful, but something triggered the filters. UGH!

  2. You know that realy is a good idea to have gifts on hand, because once people know you knit it seems they “expect” a hand-knit gift when they are pregnant.

    Django had his first taste at knit wear modeling, but no pictures were able to be taken.

  3. Poor Chaos! His beauty dooms him to a life as a bib-model. Of course, if he were a little more coordinated, he could get out of them more easily…

  4. Okay, here’s a challenge: a photo of Chaos and May each modeling a bib. At the same time, in the same photo.

    Ready,set, go!

    (My apologies to the feline units…)

  5. OK. I was going to ask if the kitties liked having you at home. However, now that I see how you spend your time (dressing up cats), I will just consider you lucky to not be maimed in any way.

  6. We’ve just started sampling solids and your wonderful bibs have saved many an outfit from carrots, sweet potatoes and bananas. Now if only they made bibs with hoods so the food can’t get smeared in the hair. Maybe that can be your next project :o)

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