Linkity big

Harry being a goofball.

Polly telling me something.


Title-free linkity

Harry hanging out, being silly.

Polly has mastered the dead bug pose!

Siblings looking outside, focused on very different things.

In which linkity perhaps overcompensates for missing a few weeks…

Mayhem turned sweet 16 on May 27th!

Polly has a lot to tell me!

Mayhem looking out the window.

I got a Dyson fan/air purifier recently and the siblings found it puzzling.

You can almost see the question marks floating around Harry’s head!

How about some cat pictures instead of any actual linkity?

I was super productive today, but linkity was not one of the things I produced. :shrugging: Please enjoy some cat pictures. 😀

And I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you to everyone who’s still around reading and/or commenting! You guys are the best.

*thlurrrrp* -Mayhem

Sibling smackdown!

Polly upsidedown cake!

Polly caught pre-thlurrrrp, managing to look as if there’s not a brain cell in her fuzzy little head.

Linkity is so ready for a long weekend

Mayhem in the midst of shaking her ears off of her head, apparently.

Harry sees a BIRD!

Polly is so stressed…

Linkity hail

Polly has been enjoying watching BIRDS out the windows.

Harry also enjoys looking out the windows at BIRDS.

But nobody’s letting spring get in the way of napping.

Thunderbolt and linkity, very very frightening!

Mayhem in her role of sock quality control.

Harry is so handsome! 😉

Polly thinking some deep thoughts, apparently.

Linkity can see spring is nearly here!

Mayhem drowsing in a rare bit of sunshine.

Polly loves her some sparkleballs!

Harry looking very winsome.

Lot going on in this one. Harry looking much less winsome (perhaps even sinister), with Polly sticking out her tongue in the background.

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