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Linkity wishes happy birthday to Polly and Harry

Happy first birthday, Polly and Harry!

First Harry stomped across Mayhem to get to his perch. Now his tail is Infringing On Her Space and She Is Displeased.

It’s hard to believe, but Polly is even sweeter than she looks! If you are a people, she will love you!


Linkity from smokey Minneapolis

It’s really amazing how far smoke can travel, isn’t it?! 🙁

I wish I had a better picture of this! All three of them exhausted from snoopervising the neighborhood.

Polly is such a pretty, loving sweetheart!

Harry reaching out to touch someone…

A quiet week in linkity land

Bonded siblings!

Mayhem seems to blame me for Polly having joined her in the kitty hammock…

Mayhem once again thrilled that Harry’s hanging out by her. LOL! Very much a “you kids get off my lawn!” expression.

Linkity returns from surprise “vacation”

It wasn’t a vacation – I had a surprise recurrence of the bursitis in my right hip after seven years and wasn’t very coherent until the steroid shot started to work. D’oh! Back today for a shot to help deal with the bursitis in my left hip, which I hadn’t had before. Apparently not terribly uncommon – my gait changed to accommodate my bunions over decades and then abruptly changed back again after surgery. My hips were not ok with that, lol! But physical therapy will help them adjust…

Oh! And I have now been with my employer (under the usual array of names that’s typical of telecom) for 25 years. 😮

Reading Update
Many, many things from Kindle Unlimited. Moving right along…

Harry and Polly keeping an eye on Mayhem.

Polly and Harry looking out the window. (Definitely working on their weight – such a challenge with Mayhem, who’s mostly fur at this point…)

A (chonky) boy and his sparkle ball.

Linkity planted a cat tree

Reading Update
Magical Midlife Madness, Magical Midlife Dating, Magical Midlife Infasion, Magical Midlife Love, and Magical Midlife Meeting (Leveling Up 1-5) by KF Breene. Ok series about a newly divorced woman who becomes a caretaker of a creepy old house and falls into a world she had no idea existed.
Oath Sworn, Family & Honor, Broken Loyalty, Echoed Defiance, and Shades of Hate (Jacky Leon 1-5) by KN Banet. Ok series about a werecat who wants to be left alone to run her bar, but the rest of the world just won’t comply.

The harvest will be bountiful and furry.


Judging the “kittens” very hard here.

I was trying to nap after taking my migraine medication and Harry decided to “help” by vigorously grooming my head as Polly looked on.

Linkity feels like a stranger (aka it’s been too long)

Hi all! HOW ARE YOU?! My feet are healing well and I can wear (very wide) normal shoes instead of surgical shoes. Wild times here!

Reading Update

Tall Harry is tall (and a chunk)! Intent Polly is intent!

Polly trying to maim the kitty brush (and bite her tongue?!) as Harry looks on.

Peekaboo Harry!

Polly is pretty!

Linkity feels like Frankenstein’s monster

Foot surgery successful! And now I’ll be clomping around in these surgical shoes for I don’t know how long… Probably no linkity for the next several weeks, as I’ve signed up for another class during my linkity making time.

Reading Update
Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling by Rakefet Hadar. Gorgeous but otherwise disappointing self-published guide to the author’s specific method of art journaling.
Ghost of Gotham and A Time for Witches (Ghosts of Gotham 1-2) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about a reporter who debunks the paranormal, then finds himself in a complicated situation he can’t explain away.
Sworn to the Night, Detonation Boulevard, and Bring the Fire (The Wisdom’s Grave Trilogy) by Craig Schaefer. Ok side series of the Daniel Faust series that you need to read or the later books of the main series won’t make any sense.
Glass Predator, Cold Spectrum, Right to the Kill, and Black Tie Required (Harmony Black 3-6) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about an FBI agent and witch who becomes part of a black ops team meant to protect the country from supernatural threats. Also must be read or the later books of the Daniel Faust series won’t make sense.

Mayhem and Harry sharing a moment.

Mayhem and Polly sharing a moment.

Harry and the purple unicorn catnip toy.

“Not looking at you, Mom! Put away that phone camera!!!” -Mayhem

Linkity for stressed and/or judging kitties

Probably won’t be linkity next week – I’m having double foot surgery on Monday (bunion and tailor’s bunion) and I’m going to take things easy for the rest of the week.

Reading Update
The Long Way Down, The White Gold Score, Redemption Song, The Living End, A Plain-Dealing Villain, The Killing Floor, The Castle Doctrine, Double or Nothing, The Neon Boneyard (Daniel Faust 1, 1.5, 2-8) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about a small-time Las Vegas magician and thief who gets caught up in a much larger story. You definitely want to bookmark the author’s reading order page for this one, because it’s part of set of interrelated series and things will get confusing if you try to read any one series straight through.
Harmony Black, Red Knight Falling (Harmony Black 1-2) by Craig Schaefer. Good series about an FBI agent and witch who becomes part of a black ops team meant to protect the country from supernatural threats. You need to read it interspersed with the Daniel Faust series, or by Book 9 of the Daniel Faust series, you will be very confused.
Got Luck, Lucky Day, Got Hope, Got Lost (Behindbeyond 1, 1.5, 2-3) by Michael Darling. Good urban fantasy series about a PI who discovers there’s a heckuva lot going on just below the surface of the world than he realized.

Oh, poor stressed Polly!

And poor stressed Harry!

Mayhem is ABSOLUTELY judging you, me, the kittens…

Linkity returns! Now with even weirder links than usual!

Oh, hello there! Hope everyone continues to be pandemic fine, at the very least?! I am now fully vaccinated and the two weeks have passed. I’ve been “celebrating” by having a few long-delayed routine medical appointments… And I got my hair cut! It was past my shoulder blades – now it skims my shoulders.

Reading Update
Not everything, but some of what I’ve been reading…
Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children, #6)Across the Green Fields (Wayward Children #6) by Seanan McGuire. Not related to the school at all, but still good. I just wish these had a bit more closure.
The Secret Chapter (The Invisible Library, #6)The Secret Chapter and The Dark Archive (The Invisible Library, #7)The Dark Archive (The Invisible Library 6-7) by Genevieve Cogman. Pretty solid in 6 and then WTF at the ending of 7.
The Last Smile in Sunder CityThe Last Smile in Sunder City and Dead Man in a Ditch (The Fetch Phillips Archives, #2)Dead Man in a Ditch (The Fetch Phillips Archives 1-2) by Luke Elliot Arnold. Good but tragic – these are mysteries set in a world which has lost its magic, which really messed up creatures that relied on magic to live, such as vampires, unicorns, etc.

Harry has very short, sleek fur. Polly’s fur is a bit longer. They both love the windows!

The look of resignation on Mayhem’s face (plus the side-eye she’s giving Harry), compared to the FOCUS on Harry’s face…

Linkity is very tired tonight

Not sure there will be any linkity for the rest of this month, because I have a class during my linkity-making time for the next three weeks. Winging it! 🙂

No reading update – too tired to pull that bit together.

“Is that photo going to make my tail look big?!” -Mayhem

Polly firmly bathing Harry and Harry reacting with DRAMA.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Polly

Harry creeping on the neighbors.