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Linkity contemplates imperialism

Polly’s Flehmen Response in action.

Harry scent marking the window frame.

Linkity for a long weekend (in the US and Canada, at least)

Sibling standoff!

Harry glamour shot! (He is just ridiculously shiny.)

Polly trying to take a selfie. 😉

Linkity can’t believe it’s already time for the Minnesota State Fair

Mayhem, annoyed by Harry’s existence.

Polly with a sparkleball!

Polly and Harry on a kitty hammock.

Abundant linkity abounds

No linkity next week! I won’t be available during my linkity making time.

“WHAT NOW?!” -Harry and Polly

Probably wondering if I’m taking an unflattering photo of them…

Harry watching a BIRD.

Polly chittering at a bird.

In which Harry and Polly turn 2

Mayhem helping my newly washed sheets regain some of the lost fur…

Happy 2nd birthday to Harry and Polly!

It’s linkity time again!

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown. A very good and very timely read – if everyone seems more and more polarized on issues and you’re trying to bridge the widening gap, this book might help.
Art Supplies: Making, Manufacturing, and Creating by Jane Audas. Very good overview of people and companies involved in the creation of art supplies, from Beam Paints to Liquitex.

Polly upside-down cake!

Harry sleeping off some ‘nip.

Linkity is Concerned that the world is melting



Polly laughing at her own joke.

Linkity does not endorse [feline] sibling smackdowns

Polly is not pleased Harry has infringed on her space.

“Harry STOP!” -Polly, apparently

Linkity big

Harry being a goofball.

Polly telling me something.


Title-free linkity

Harry hanging out, being silly.

Polly has mastered the dead bug pose!

Siblings looking outside, focused on very different things.