Ebook Giveaway: Handcuffs and Glory Holes (Rawlings Men, Book 2) by Kim Dare [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Kim Dare for donating an ebook copy of her freshly released kinky m/m romance short, Handcuffs and Glory Holes (Rawlings Men, Book 2), for a lucky commenter to win!

Police Sergeant Conrad Rawlings likes glory holes. As a dominant who’s never learned how to feel casual about even the most fleeting hook up, he’s learned to cherish the complete anonymity they provide. Still, when he hears a cubicle door open as he leaves the back room of a club, he can’t quite help looking over his shoulder.

Submissive Willis Evans doesn’t know why his master ordered him to make sure the stranger from the glory hole sees his face before he leaves the club, but he knows the price for disobedience. Willis does as he’s told. The moment their eyes meet, he can’t help but hope he’ll be allowed to see the other man again.

They are going to meet again, but it won’t be under conditions either of them could predict. Willis’ master has a plan – one which could easily break them both.


About Kim

26 years old, from Wales, UK, Kim writes about kink, love and happy endings. If a story doesn’t have those three things, it’s not going to be written – at least not by this writer!

Apart from that, Kim likes to write a little bit of everything. So far that list includes Male/Male, Male/Female, a few different varies of menage, shifters, vampires, fairytales, time-travel and ghosts. It’s anyone’s guess what will come next…

A firm believer that there is no “One True Way” for people to kink, Kim likes to let the characters in each book pick their own ways to dominate and submit to each other. As long as they stay safe, sane and consensual, Kim’s happy to let them live their lifestyle 24/7, or just open the toy box on weekends – whatever’s right for them.

Published since 2008, Kim also writes BDSM erotic romances for Total-e-bound and Resplendence.

You can visit Kim at her website and her blog.

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  1. Okay Chris, you have another chance here to be sure my entry is chosen for a Kim Dare book, and you know how much I love her writing, we’ve had this conversation before. Down to business, one suggestion would be to earmark my entry or, an even more expedient solution, just toss out the others’ entries. Right? Am I right?

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  5. The probability of winning is low, really low, because randomizers rarely pick the first or the last number, but there is always hope. Besides, I hope I’m not too late – different time zones ;).
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