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Don’t forget that Saturday, February 2, is the Third Annual Bloggers’ (Silent) Poetry Reading for the Feast of St. Brigid. (Year One; Year Two)

Sock Madness 2 is just around the corner – you can already get updated buttons on the blog!

Lucy of the Free-From Blog has a great list of gluten-free knitters – go add yourself if you’re a gf knitter who isn’t on her list!

Nice article on Pet Connection about cats – my favorite quote is “‘Cats are not as domestic as you might think… They are probably allowing you to live with them, not the other way around.'” Hence Fraro’s brilliant description of we cat “owners” as “catstaff.”

Speaking of Fraro, she sent me this link yesterday – does it remind you of any particular kitty you know?! And then she sent me this link. Hee hee – that is exactly what Chaos and Mayhem would email or IM me while I’m at work.

And then, continuing the cat theme here, Eklectika sent me a link to an adorable tea set.

And then Lisa sent me an amusing link on how to make a “cat burglar joule thief.”

Oy – was I radiating “send me links!” vibes yesterday or what?!

I think I’ve done this one before, but hey, since I’m not reading the same book… Open the book you’re currently reading, turn to page 161, and copy the fifth sentence on the page:

“Beats the fuck out of me, but it’s not a squid.”

And there you have it. What? The book? You want to know what book? Oh. Ok – Long Hot Summoning (The Keeper’s Chronicles #3) by Tanya Huff.

“Cheesecake? Who you calling cheesecake?!” -Chaos

“Beefcake? Who you calling beefcake?!” -Chaos

33 thoughts on “Linkity linkity link”

  1. Love that quote! Must be we’re all to busy to actually DO or MAKE anything. Or maybe it is the linkity thing traveling the airwaves.

  2. You’ve been reading an awful lot of tanya huff lately! Is it that good?

    Squid! Heh. Too weird.

    Frontal kitty nudity! *dies* omg. Ahhahahahahahahahahaha

    I link, you decide πŸ˜‰


    Very much a catstaff, thank you.

  3. But now that I am thinking of cheesecake, I won’t be able to stop and it’s all your fault, Chris, if I give in and zip on over to the local purveyors of bad-for-me-food.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about the poetry reading. Oh, and, isn’t every day a pajama day? It’s one of the perks of being semi-retired. Heh.

  5. My mother gave me the Keeper’s Chronicles to read last year (enjoyed them a lot). My mother happens to be [counts] 68. Why, yes, she is wicked cool.

    As is that line. Mine isn’t worth blogging: “She hesitated so long this time he almost asked again, but held his tongue.” No, it’s not a cheesy romance novel.

  6. LOL! That has to be the best 5th sentence! I’ve now done my duty and sent the links on. πŸ™‚ LOL at Chaos beefcake. Before you know it your site will be swamped with girl kitties.

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