Sometimes geeking can be woeful

Don’t forget about Super International Pajama Day, coming up on February 3!

Many thanks to Jeanne and pao for assisting me with some blog woes over the weekend! The blog seems to be working fine again – whew! (I do admit to pestering Jeanne with the Yarn Harlot’s famous words: “Blog broken. Make blog go?”)

Also, in an effort to reduce comment spam, I’ve turned off commenting for posts more than 60 days old. Hopefully this doesn’t inconvenience anyone. 🙂

Reading Update
Heart of Stone: The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 1 by C. E. Murphy. This is the start of a new series by Murphy, and it was a very good read. Legal Aid lawyer Margrit Knight discovers that there’s more going on in NYC than she would ever have realized. This book has a dragon, a djinn, two selkies, a whack of gargoyles, and one vampire. (It’s ok, CarrieK – it’s definitely not a vampire novel. You’ll be ok. I promise.)
Web Mage by Kelly McCullough. This is an interesting premise – imagine that there’s also an mweb (magic web) in addition to the regular stuff on the internet… Sorceror and relative of the Fates Ravirn is just trying to get through the University of Minnesota’s CompSci program, so how did his life get so complicated?
Holidays Are Murder: A Maggie Skerritt Mystery by Charlotte Douglas. I continue to enjoy this low-key series about Pelican Bay, Florida, police detective Maggie and her former (police) partner, Bill. Since this series is published by a division of Harlequin, you may find them in the romance section instead of mysteries…
Key of Light by Nora Robert. This first book in the Key Trilogy was pretty good. Three modern women must solve an ancient puzzle while an evil sorceror attempts to thwart their efforts.
Hex Marks the Spot: Bewitching Mystery, Book 3 by Madelyn Alt. Maggie learns about Amish hexes when a local Amish craftsmen is found murdered.

Knitting Update
My black Velvet Touch “Scrunchable Scarf” continues to grow – and continues to be too unexciting to photograph. It is extremely soft and I’m quite happy with it.

*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…* -Chaos

“Wha……..?” -May

31 thoughts on “Sometimes geeking can be woeful”

  1. When things don’t work here, it’s usually because the kids have been messing around with it. You sure your kids haven’t been playing with the blog?

  2. That’s a great picture of the kitties. I don’t know if if’t my funky laptop screen, but their paws look ginormous!

    I agree with Marina, sure the guys haven’t been misbehaving? Trying to post while you’re asleep?

  3. There must be some dark force in the internets breaking the blogs lately…comments going kerplooey, more spam than usual, not getting comment email notifications…I hope it gets unbroken soon. Glad you’re all better now!

  4. I sleep in sweats and any day not requiring public interaction is pajama day. Man, this just proves that I really, really need a job. Pet the little black kittikins on their sweet noggins for me.

  5. I had to dress and venture into public yesterday on IPJD. Boo, hiss. Although the organizer of the event I went to said I could come in my pjs. “That would make a statement,” he said. Yeah, but what kind.

    Snuggling kitties… awwwww.

  6. Black cat snuggles! They’re all ready for PJ day.

    And lol! I’d picked it up, but didn’t put it down because of the vampire. It was the $16. For a paperback? Is that what I’ve been paying? Yowza.

    Looks like Jeanne fixed blog good!

  7. Glad your blog woes seem to have been fixed. I’m not one for the PJs but if you’re talking napping in sweats with cats, I am definitely in.

  8. I’m glad you got the blog to work again. I’m hoping that my comment goes through. I tried to comment on some older posts, but just a week or so old, but I kept getting an error.

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