By special request, with rambling

CynCyn wanted to see a better picture of adult Diablo and his “horns,” which have faded to a very pale grey. I don’t have that many pictures of D, but I think you can sort of see the horns in this picture:

Here’s a picture of Riley and Diablo from last summer. Nope, my brother wasn’t trying to make pressed cats… can you figure out what they were up to?

I’ve been haunted all week by discovering that poor RoxyKnits put a Chibi needle entirely through her finger and out again. Ouch!! To give you a better idea of how horrifying this is, I’ve included this picture:

Notice how large and blunt that needle is?!

I’m a bit happier today with the not-so-red Anne Jaywalker – the fuschia had vanished for a few inches, but now it’s back.

Before I do any swatching, I’m going to knit a hat – Coldwater Collaborative is collecting hand knit adult sized hats, scarves, mittens, or socks to donate to People, Inc., for mentally ill homeless adults. (You might remember that one of my goals for the year is to knit more for the community – this seems like a very worthy project.) I’m using some Lamb’s Pride Superwash that I dyed with Wilton’s icing colors – it’s been a while, but I think I used Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, and Violet:

“I can’t decide – do you think it brings out the green in my eye?”

KellieN of Australia, who’s been reading this blog since day one, has just started her own blog! So, Kellie, we haven’t heard anything about a Team Australia for the Knitting Olympics yet…Edit: Thanks to mrspao for creating a Team Midwest button for us! Check it out!

14 thoughts on “By special request, with rambling”

  1. Oh, I just love those photos of the kittens! How precious. I really need to post more about my two girls! Good luck with whatever Olympics project you decide on!

  2. OUCH! on the Chibi. Reminds me of an argument I had last September with a knife and a spaghetti squash. 4 stitches, and a severed nerve. Although… the knife was sharp, and that needle is blunt! **shudder**
    poor roxyknits!

    Diablo really is a pretty cat! And the horns are very unique. I’ve heard having 2 kittens is not 2+2, it is kittens squared! After these girls, I agree with it.

    Chaos should count for three cats!

  3. I just wanted to say I’ve been ready your blog for about a week now, and so enjoy hearing what you and Chaos (and Diablo) are up to! You inspired me to find the macro button on my digital camera (it has one, yay! now to remember to use it to avoid the fuzzy closeups!)


  4. Ouch. Chibi incident sounded nasty.

    I really loved the photo of Diablo, he is a really gorgeous cat but he did come from an excellent gene pool.

    The hat colours are gorgeous. I’ve made a scarf in similar colours for a friend in the US (photos will be posted when it is blocked).

  5. I think your goal of knitting more for the community is awesome. Can you come up here and knit for my community? Wait…screw my community. Can you come up here and knit just for me?

  6. OWOWOWOWOW! (Bad Chibi!)

    Ooo, so many good charities to knit for (no, must not let self get distracted from mutatant caterpillar, must stay focussed, Olympics coming…). Well, but it’s nice to know a place to knit for *after* the Olympics…


  7. Hey, where’s the warning sign? Are those kitties squished between the glass & screen? Did you have to show a pic of a finger and Chibi? Eeeouch! Now I can’t get that picture out of my head.

  8. I found your blog thanks to JenLa’s Auntie Meme. You have such beautiful cats.

    How much of the Wilton paste do you use for dying? I have loads of the stuff just going to waste and this would be a great way to use it up.

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