At long last, one (mostly) for the knitters!

Brigitte and I spent a lot of time walking through the Beaches, which is a lovely neighborhood in Toronto near Lake Ontario. *scrabbling sound*

There we go – Lake Ontario! The first Toronto yarn shop we visited was the Naked Sheep.

I do love their naked-butt sheep logo. Just down the street, we discovered…

Wild Earth Cafe, which had some tasty gf treats!

The next yarn store we visited was Romni Wools a few days later, when Lorraine volunteered to show us some sights. We just peeked into Lettuce Knit (we already knew we’d be coming back for Knit Night), then hopped into the car and checked out Romni Wools.

All I can really say about Romni is “Whoa.” I’ve never seen so much yarn in a single store before. Obviously, I was too overwhelmed to take a picture. When Brigitte and I had recovered a bit (from yarn fumes and spelunking in the basement), we headed over to the Purple Purl.

Isn’t this an amazing dress?! I’d never knit it or wear it, but it was pretty cool to see:

Purchases? What purchases? … Look! Over there! A streetcar!

“I feel very philosophical today. Hmm. I think… I feel really sleepy.” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “At long last, one (mostly) for the knitters!”

  1. Chris- That’s what you guys were doing- you should have had those lights on your helmets.

    Many a knitter has gone down there…never to be seen again.

  2. Oh, Chris love the pics! My favorite is the Tiger dress (I would so rock that out for my LSU game day)!! And I love the shop… The Naked Sheep!! That is my fave!

    And the week comes to an end for Chaos’ birthday week… Sleepy… He should be from partying!
    Hope you are having a great day and TGIF!!!

  3. So many yarn shops! I’m green with envy. I heard of a yarn shop that’s only 20 miles from where I live. I hope to finally get there this weekend.

    If only I could give in to feeling sleepy like Chaos…
    Have a great weekend!

  4. No lack of yarn shops there, eh? WOW!!! One night, when I lived in Syracuse and tended bar at a beer/sandwich ratskeller kind of place… Well, we were drinking. The bar closed at 2 as usual. And I said, “hey, the bars in Buffalo close at 3 (or maybe it was 4)” and we all piled into a car and drove there. Forgetting that it takes at least 2.5 hours to get there. But we did get to watch the falls in the dark, and maybe saw the sunrise. Ancient history now, you know?

  5. Nice distraction. You need the whole weekend to photograph the stash enhancement? 😉

    Wow, lots of yarn shops! I didn’t realize……[the sounds of reservations being made..]

  6. Yup. Romni Wools is definitely overwhelming. Unless you have some kind of plan, you wind up wandering around with a glazed look in your eye…ask me how I know…

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