Yesterday in pictures

How’s everyone doing?! I’m more than a little afraid to check my Google Reader at this point… 🙂 I’ve been having a wonderful time with Brigitte and the Little Dudes, and meeting Lorraine Tuesday was fantabulous (as is she, of course!).

Yesterday evening, Brigitte and I went on a little jaunt on the streetcar.

We had dinner at Fran’s…

and then walked over to Kensington Market.

We had a very specific goal.

It was great fun to meet Merika and Michelle (below), along with Dr. Steph, Megan, and Molly (not pictured).

And that other Stephanie, of course. Nope, I’m not giving you any context for this picture. Isn’t it more fun this way? Stephanie, please forgive me for the maniacal glint that Picasa seems to have added (or merely enhanced?!) in this photo…

“Mom? Ok, the joke’s kind of stale now. You can come out from wherever you’re hiding, Mom. Mom????”

34 thoughts on “Yesterday in pictures”

  1. Oh Chris… so jealous! Your pictures are wonderful… and if I never get to visit these places, at least I got a chance to see them through you! I hope you are having a blast!!!!

    My poor babies… home… alone… You did watch that movie HOME ALONE…. yea, Mayhem and Chaos watched all of them too… **mmmaaauuuwwwhhhhhaaaaa… evil laughter**

  2. Wow, I haven’t been down to Kesington Market in years!!

    NICE thong… lol

    See you Saturday (not before 11 am)

    “Don’t worry May – Mom will be home soon!”

  3. If Stephanie’s a’skeerd to touch those panties with her hands, I’m not sure I want to know where they’ve been.

    As for Google Reader, it’s easy. Mark all as read.

  4. Google Reader – just mark all read. It sure looks like you’re having a great time. I’m kind of with Cheryl S. If Stephanie is afraid to touch the thongs, I’m not sure I want to know the rest of the story. LOL!

    Just wait until we tell Chaos and May about the Little Dudes. 😉

  5. Chris- I’m glad you got to ride the streetcar, which is de rigueur in Toronto.

    I was so happy to meet you- thanks for the Octopus!

  6. Great pictures, especially like the Asian mural.

    Um, trying to figure out if what Stephanie has there is for a guy or gal…leaning towards guy. *g*

    Oh! Your poor babies are mostly likely missing you something terrible!

  7. Your pictures are great. I miss Lettuce Knit. It was a great shop and I had a lot of fun the day I was there. At the time, none of the shops near where I lived had even a similar selection.

  8. and while the Mom’s at ‘play’ the cats will ….??????? probably behead that cat that is up on the top bookshelf at home, and then knock every single book off onto the floor..

    Glad you are having a blast – Lettuce Knit !! woo hoo !! lucky you!

  9. Um. What is the Yarn Harlot holding up? Is my mind in the gutter… (aka… do you see what I see?)
    Glad you’re having a good time, and when u get back, just ‘accidentally’ hit the “mark all as read” button. Works like a charm.

  10. way cool car… scarier than your google feed, I’d think, would be what those kitties of yours will do when you get your butt back in their exalted presence…

  11. Glad you are having such a great time with Brigitte and Lorraine! It’s fun to watch your blogs and visit vicariously!

    Chaos and May are so going to give you the pouty treatment when you get back. I’d come bearing gifts if I were you, preferably the catnip kind.

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