In which Mayhem has a deep thought

Aw, thanks for your kind words on Friday. You guys rock!

And now, I go forth to prepare myself for a week of workhell, as things get really, really crazy on my project. Send happy work project thoughts my way, please!

“Hmm. What is the meaning of life?” -Mayhem

25 thoughts on “In which Mayhem has a deep thought”

  1. Oh Chris, you know where my prayers stand for you! I hope all goes well with you at work this week!

    Mayhem… the meaning of life ~ means collecting as many toys as you can and tiaras!!! =) Actually, the meaning of life is taking your picture… Your mom! Your family… those near and dear to your heart! (yes, even yourself, lol)!!

  2. You! You are the meaning of life May…you and all the other little kitties that make us laugh and forget our work woes! Be strong for your mom this week!

  3. sending you good vibes for a smooth flowing week.
    May looks like she about to slither off the couch sideways – either that or she’s begging for a belly rub 🙂

  4. Sending happy, smooth-flowing, non-crisis work thoughts your way.

    May, I think the meaning of life is birds, or at least something to do with birds.

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