In which linkity shares some completed socks

Some recently gifted birthday socks, featuring yarn by TallPineYarns on etsy. They’re not perfectly matchy-matchy (things got a little weird around the heel), but they’re pretty close.

Polly grooming Harry.

Harry hanging out with a whole bunch of ‘nip toys.

Polly “helping” my take photos.

3 thoughts on “In which linkity shares some completed socks”

  1. Yay for socks!

    As someone who has lived in a turn-of-the-century brick house with a laundry room that was once a coal room with cinderblock walls and an exposed sandstone foundation, I am not a fan of exposed brick. It needs to be properly sealed and/or painted or you will forever be getting crumbly junk from it. And how do you clean it? Ick.

    And even if it’s sealed, masonry buildings with no frame = no insulation and will crumble in an earthquake.

    As interesting and quirky as that house was, I’m glad to be rid of it.

  2. I like the real painted ladies better, but I do like the new take on the look also. (I especially like it compared to the before picture.)

    Yay new socks! And hello, kitties!

    That volcano rock house is the perfect place to rent for a vacation weekend, but you couldn’t pay me enough to live there. The pirate-themed place is fun, but again: vacation rental. Not somewhere to actually live.

    That drunk toilet would throw me off, especially at night when I’m tired. Ugh. Just no.

    You found so many truly evil stairs this time. OMG. Just death waiting to happen several times over.

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