Linkity wonders where the heck October went

Serious Mayhem is serious.

Polly “helping”me take art journal pictures.

Blurry Harry in his Halloween bow tie!

5 thoughts on “Linkity wonders where the heck October went”

  1. Nice. The library has “not all who wander are lost” graffiti. Though… that’s a TON of work. Way more than I want to put into a place.

    I don’t even know where to start with today’s batch of houses. There are so many WTF moments. Even the cool and pretty ones this week are all ones where I wouldn’t want to live there. And the murder stair/hall combo? Just yikes.

    Hi kitties! Harry is looking dapper today.

  2. Pool our funds house – I can either chip in about an hour’s worth of the gardener’s salary, or I can volunteer to sit around all day, keeping the furniture from floating away.
    Cool, but house – Sorry, not for me. I need a home where I can tell whether I’m drunk or not.
    Interesting, but house – As above, but also, all those sharp angles are shredding my corneas.
    FloBoHoHouse – Tennis racquets as art? You’re just trying to string me along with that one. I have Love Love for this one. Get it Love = 0 in tennis, so 0 love? Too esoteric? Too tennisoteric?
    Colorful odd way house – Color me odd, cuz I love it all. Like want to marry it love, not tennis love.
    Odd in Utah house – What else could it be, it’s Utah.
    Too much white house – Maybe, but I’d have thrown a few white sheets over some of their other decorating choices.
    Entertainment center house – That’s called a Wine Cellar, dear.
    Over the top house – Wish I’d kept some of those white sheets to go over the top of most of this.
    Live like a Viking house j- Does that mean it comes with a license to pillage and loot your neighbors?
    Ladder in the kitchen – Think how thin I’d be if I had to climb that ladder to get to my fridge!

    Well, you asked for my opinions and you got them! Huh? You didn’t ask for them? Well, keep them anyway, I don’t want them.

  3. So many things to love today! Carnegie library to restore (by someone else, not me). Sunk cost in knitting (talk to the generals in Vietnam about this). Restoring a ruin virtually. I’ll take the Chippendale manor if you trade the art for a gardener And a housekeeper. The house on the Colorado River is very appealing…until the river runs dry.

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