Linkity from a dark and stormy night

The Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Intense Polly is intense!

*blank* -Harry

3 thoughts on “Linkity from a dark and stormy night”

  1. Mmmm, pumpkin snickerdoodles…

    Pretty cool about the casting of Frodo. And they’re right… they really needed the perfect actor for the role. (I think it worked out wonderfully.)

    That first NOLA house is lovely—but I wouldn’t have guessed from the front what the interior (or back yard) would have looked like!

    Oooh, Healdsburg—I know where that is! We stayed at a cute B&B there to go wine tasting and yarn shopping and visit friends. But I don’t like the interior of the house pictured that much. The outside kitchen / patio / yard is much nicer.

    Hi kitties! And thank you for the link to my Zork cross stitch!

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