Linkity celebrates Harry and Polly’s 3rd birthday!

Harry and Polly looking out the window, with Mayhem drowsing in the background. Harry and Polly are going to be three on August 5th!

Harry considers the ceiling.

Super cute Polly on the couch.

4 thoughts on “Linkity celebrates Harry and Polly’s 3rd birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday to the kitties!

    Curious Zelda was one of my favorite things on Twitter. Alas.

    Now, THAT is a treehouse! Though $15M is a bit rich for my blood.

    I would not be able to look at those optical illusion stairs. I agree with you that the railings in the South Dakota park were never meant to mean stairs, and they look like they are very needed for that trail. In comparison, to your usual fare, the Jenga stairs look surprisingly safe. 😉

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