Linkity wishes Mayhem a happy 17th birthday on the 27th

(She will get brushed! And she will get Churu!)

Another photo of Mayhem being brushed! She turns 17 on the 27th. 😮

Polly snuggled under a fuzzy blanket.

Polly and Harry watching birds.

3 thoughts on “Linkity wishes Mayhem a happy 17th birthday on the 27th”

  1. Happy Birthday to Mayhem, the loveliest of Panther Princesses!

    Heh. The life cycle of the Maple Leaf Shawl was not at all what I thought. I was expecting something more like:

    1. OOH, what a cool-looking shawl! Must make.
    2. Done! Look how gorgeous it is!
    3. How do I wear this thing?
    4. Shawl becomes antimacassar on the back of the sofa
    5. Shawl becomes cat bed

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