Linkity after 13+ inches (33 cm) of snow

Such an adorable goofball!

Harry can be very intense.

Mayhem, very close.

3 thoughts on “Linkity after 13+ inches (33 cm) of snow”

  1. Yikes on that Seattle house! Hmmm. Trap door to unfinished basement, bars on windows of small room, suspicious stains in bathroom… must obviously be a murder house.

  2. I still love that beaver thing on Tumblr! Also the “why we love LOTR” comments. Though I just started a re-read of LOTR via audiobook, so I listened to the intro stuff that I normally skip, and apparently Tolkien didn’t intend LOTR as a WW story, even though there’s no denying the impact it had on him.

    That Visalia home is rather nice, but I suspect the comparatively low pricetag is because it’s in Visalia. I wouldn’t want to live out there, personally. Though it is a lovely place.

    I am also partial to turrets, and that is an especially nice one. The water floors, though… I would definitely freak out (especially late at night or after drinking). But then again, the mushroom house would freak me out also.

    Hi kitties! Such cuties.
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